Sgt Steve Anderson, CD

    1967 Joined the Lorne Scots in Brampton On

    1970 Transferred to the Royal Montreal Regiment

    1970 I did the War Measures Act in Montreal.

    1971Transferred to Service Corps / Transport

    1978 Transferred to the regular force posted to CFB Montreal with tractor trailers and buses.

    In 1981 was posted to Lahr Germany where I worked with tractor trailers, buses and heavy equipment. I also did rapid runway repair from 1984-86 at Lahr.

    1986 I was then posted to CFB Cold Lake where I worked as Dispatcher – training NCO and heavy equipment crew chief.

    In 1990 I was Section Supervisior,Air Weapons Range, Jimmy Lake.

    1991 Posted to CFB Trenton where I fulfilled the roles of shift supr; cargo and passenger and chief dispatcher in 1994 for 8 Airfield Engineering Flight.

    1995 Did a tour in Haiti as section 2 i/c for heavy equipment section for 8AEF constructing UN camps in St Marc and Jeremy and where ever else needed. In

    1997, I was an instructor for a Readiness Challenge Competition, a heavy equipment supr. for the Winnipeg flood and heavy equipment instructor exchange; Fort Indiantown U.S.A.

    1998 Did a tour in Macedonian – NATO Extraction Force and was heavy equipment supervisor for the ice storm in St Hubert Que.

    2000 Retired from regular force in May and was back by years end.

    2001 Took on Alert Co-ord job at 8 WCE where for the past 10 years I have looked after the concerns for both CFS Alert and Fort Eureka.

    2011 Retire from ARAF