Sgt Scott Pitkeathly, CD

    • Sgt Scott Pitkeathly, CD

    There will be a farewell cocktail party at the Stittsville legion (1481 Stittsville Main St) on Friday, March 16 at 1630 hrs for Sgt Scott Pitkeathly, CD who has retired from 28 years in the CAF and the CME Branch. He started his adventure in the Reg force with 2 CER and ended as a member with 33 CER. He will be going back to Petawawa at the end of the month, this time as a civilian working at the Base Hvy section.  It's a cocktail snack potluck so feel free to bring something, or just your lovely selves. No need to RSVP. The event is being coordinated by Cpl Pat Berrea<>.

    Sgt Pitkeathly was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces on 16 Sep 1987 as a Field Engineer. After completing Basic training at Canadian Forces Recruit School at CFB Cornwallis NS. He was posted to CFB Chilliwack BC for his QL 3 trades training Jan-May 88. On

    Graduating his QL 3 he was posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment (2CER) in May 88. While at the Regiment he was in 1 TP, RHQ, 23 FD SQN, 24 FD SQN, Armd Troop, Hvy Eqpt Tp, 25 Sp SQN, Admin Tp, 28 Admin SQN. He completed the following course his Driver Wheeled crse, Basic Comms, Winter Warfare basic, FE QL5A, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Basic (HA), Carpentry Field Operations, CBT Leadership Crse, Driver Leopard, Armoured Engineer Operator crse, HLVW, HESV. He did several jobs at the unit they are troop storeman, RSM’s clerk/driver, DCO’s Driver, Regiment transport Dispatcher, Tp MT Rep, SQN assistant SQ. Promoted to corporal on 17 Sep 1991.

    Jun 97 re-mustered to FEE Op 042 Dec of that year completed his FEEOP QL5A. His Operational tours started with his first tour to Cyprus 89, Kuwait 92-93, Bosnia IFOR 96, Manitoba Floods 97, Ice Storm 98, Bosnia TAV 1998, Kosovo 1999-2000, Bosnia 2003-2004, Afghanistan 2005.

    Promoted to MCpl 27 Jun 2005. Posted to 33 CER Ottawa RSS Jul 2007, While there he was the RQMS for the unit. Promoted to the rank of Sgt 2008, He filled several instructor tasks teaching basic Demo crse, to CFSME to instruct a Res Sect Comd Crse, and as a Driver Wheel and MSVS instructor. Sgt Pitkeahly transferred to the Reserves and took a Class B employment 2009-2012, Hvy Eqpt Section Comd Class A for the rest of his time at the unit until his Medical release 2 Jul 2017.

    He has two children Troy and Trina which are both grown up and he is so proud of them. He will be moving to Petawawa to take a job as an MDO 6 3 Crew Chief Heavy Equipment of Real Property Operations (Ontario) Detachment Petawawa Effective 26 March 2018.