Sgt Paul St. Pierre, CD

    Sgt St. Pierre joined the CF in the spring of 1982 and on completion of Basic Training in Cornwallis, NS and was on to Battle School in Wainwright, Alberta. After a nice relaxing summer course in Battle School, Paul was posted to 2 PPLCI in Winnipeg, where he had the opportunity to be part of “Enemy Force” for various courses with CTC Gagetown. In 1984, he jumped at the opportunity to go to Baden Sollingen, Germany with Support Coy Mortar Platoon until he was released in May 1986.

    During his 9-year reprieve from the CF, Paul went to NBCC for his electrical license where he worked until he answered his calling back into the CF in 1995. Paul had to see if basic Training was going to be any different in St. Jean, PQ compared to Cornwallis, NS and he had a great deal of fun in the process. On completion of his second Basic Training he went on his QL3 course as a Rad Op in Kingston, Ont.

    Paul was posted to 2 CMBG HQ & Sigs in Petawawa from 1995 until 1999 where he completed two enjoyable tours, one to Coralici, Bosnia (1996) and the Infamous Golan Heights on the Syrian side (1998). Some of his highlights while in Petawawa, were being accelerated promoted to Cpl in 1998 and having the privilege of driving the former CDS General Hillier (Ret’d) then Brigade Commander General Hillier.

    During a most memorable field exercise in Mar 1999, the skies opened up and a bright light was shining on Paul when he found out that he was accepted into the ED Tech trade with a QL5 qualification and was posted directly to 2 CER. This would be short lived with the attach posting to 1 CER to conduct Roto “0” in Kosovo as 2 I/C of the electrical section. Upon returning from Kosovo in Dec of 1999 he was only to spend another 9 months before being posted to the Naval Construction Troop located in Halifax in Sep 2000. In 2002, Paul was promoted to MCpl and posted again in 2003 to CFB Borden.

    Being 2 I/C in the contracts cell was the highlight of his career and the feeling was reciprocated with every member in the cell making it difficult to pry his fingers off his desk to promote him to Sgt and post him back to his hometown of Moncton and 1 ESU, in July 2006. The dust had not yet had time to settle on Paul’s desk before he was tasked with a TAV to Halifax for the summer to conduct building inspections and then up North late in the summer to also inspect abandon weather stations in Mould Bay and Isachsen Northwest Territories. He returned just in time to start training for Roto 3 (Feb 2007) at the PRT in Afghanistan as project manager for the KPRT concept. It would be less than a year before he was to return on another TAV with the newly formed CMO team from 1 ESU to construct Route Foster. Upon his return, experienced and skilled from his recent tours in Afghanistan, Paul was selected to be placed in the training cell ensuring other members of 1 ESU were prepared for deployment to Afghanistan.

    Paul is currently working as a Provincial Electrical Inspector in the Moncton area where he will retire with his fiancée Sherry in Salisbury, NB.