Sgt Marcel Maure, CD

    • Sgt Marcel Maure, CD

    Sergeant Marcel R.J. Maure will be leaving the Canadian Forces after over 18 years of loyal service.

    Marcel was born in Peace River, Alberta and enrolled in Edmonton on the 29 June 1994. He started Basic training in Cornwallis 30 June 1994 and was posted to Wainwright Battle School from August 1994 to January 1995 on his Basic Infantry Course.

    He was posted to 2 PPCLI, Winnipeg on completion of his course January 1995 and remained there until November 1998. He re-mustered in November 1998 to Fire Fighter and was posted to Borden. Upon completion of his trade’s course he was posted to CFB Edmonton as a Crew member. In 2002 he was then posted to CFFS Esquimalt to SPHL where he was then posted to HMCS Vancouver. Promoted to MCpl in Nov 2004 he continued the posting with HMCS Vancouver until July 2005. He was then posted to SPHL July 2005 until March 2006 where he did tours on HMCS Calgary, HMCS Protecteur, HMCS Regina, and HMCS Algonquin.

    He was posted back to CFB Edmonton on March 2006 to the position of Fire Inspector. Promoted in August of 2006 he moved into the position of Chief Fire Inspector where he remained until July 2008 when he was posted to SPHL/(JSU Edmonton) due to a medical condition. Posted from Edmonton in July 2010 to JPSU Vancouver he was employed at ASU Chilliwack where he aided with fire inspection and prevention duties.

    Marcel has spent time away from home on tours in Bosnia – 1997; Alert – 1998, Ships West – 2002-2006. His wife Lynn and have supported him throughout it all. Now Marcel is leaving the CF and starting the next chapter of his life. His last working day will be 2 July 12. We will be saying Good Bye to him at a gathering in the ASU Chilliwack Combined Mess 8 June 2012.

    Any anecdotes or well wishes can be forwarded to WO A.P. (Sandy) MacDonald email: or call (604) 858-1011 Ext 1172.