Sgt Darren Langford, CD

    Sgt Darren Langford joined the CF as an Air Defence Artilleryman on 15 Jan 1991and will be retiring after 21+ years of Loyal and Dedicated Service.

    Sgt Langford completed Recruit School in Cornwallis, NS and was sent to the RCA Battle School in Shilo, Manitoba in April, 1991 to complete his Battle School training.

    Sgt Langford’s first posting in August, 1991was with 2nd Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Petawawa. While there he participated in countless exercises as well as attending Basic Mountain Ops trg, and a Deployment to Cyprus with both Y and E Bty Para.

    In Sept 1993 he was off to Combat Support Commando of the Canadian Airborne Regiment. There, he attained both British and American Jump Wings with jumps during the 50Th Anniversary of D-Day and jumps into Fort Benning Georgia. As a Trooper in the Regiment, Sgt Langford served as a Javelin Operator and member of Air Defence Platoon. In 1995, he was promoted to Cpl and upon disbandment of the Airborne Regiment that same year was posted to the Artillery School in Gagetown NB.

    During his stay in the school he was employed as a Javelin Operator/Detachment Commander, ADATS Operator, twin 35MM Anti Aircraft Gun Operator/Det Commander and instructed courses on all 3 weapons. He also aided with the Quebec Ice Storm in 1998 and was promoted to M/Cpl that same year.

    Needing a change of scenery he re-mustered to Construction Technician in late 2000. As a Construction Technician, Sgt Langford remained in Gagetown for 5 more years as part of 4 Engineer Support Regiment During this time completing QL5 Trg in 2003 and deploying with the DART to Pakistan in 2005 as part of Earthquake relief. He was posted to Halifax with the Naval Construction Troop in 2006. He completed QL6A Trg in 2007 and was promoted to MCpl later that year. He was deployed to Afghanistan in September 2008 with the Engineer Support Unit, serving in Camp Masum Ghar, Sperwin Ghar, FOB Wilson and setting up Strong Point Pegasus. He was promoted to his current rank in theatre in April 2009. Upon his return he was moved to the Contracts Section and employed as both an Inspector and Acting Contracts 2I/C where he remains.

    His official last day as a soldier will be 27 May 12.

    Sgt Langford plans to move to the New Brunswick area to enjoy the peace and tranquility of semi-retirement with his girlfriend Donna and explore a new trade