Sgt Dale Brophy, CD

    • Sgt Dale Brophy, CD

    Après 23 années de fidèle services au sein des Forces armées canadiennes (FAC) et à  la Branche du Génie militaire canadien, le Sergeant Dale Brophy, CD1 prendra sa retraite le 02 mai 2019.  Une cérémonie de départ de dignité aura lieu à l’édifice du 1er Régiment du Génie de Combat à Edmonton, le 21 1300mars 2019.  Les participants sont demandé d'informer le BPR de leur participation prévue APT le 11 mars 2019.  Les anecdotes ou vœux de retraite peuvent être envoyés au BPR par courriel.  BPR : le Adj Ryan MacArthur, courriel ou par téléphone au 780-265-2337.

    Sgt Brophy was born in St John’s, Newfoundland.  He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in July 1991 with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. He then decided in 1995 to transfer to the Regular Force where he successfully completed his basic Combat Engineer course in Chilliwack, B.C. in 1996 and was posted to 1 CER Chilliwack.

    With 1 CER, Sergeant Brophy deployed to Bosnia in 1997 again in 2000 and a 3rd time in 2003. He also deployed to Afghanistan in January 2006 on Operation Archer as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Dale also deployed on domestic operations to include Winnipeg Floods in 97, Salmon Arm, B.C. forest fires, Kelowna forest fires and the Medicine Hat floods in 2013.

    In March of 2007, Dale was posted to CFB Edmonton, Engineer Services and returned to 1 CER in July 2010. Upon return to the regiment, he was then sent on his DP3A in Gagetown, NB. In July 2011 Dale once again deployed to Afghanistan as part of the MTTF as 2I/C of the Heavy Equipment Section.

    With great happiness, Sergeant Brophy decided to retire and end his career with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. During his lengthy military career he was awarded the Southwestern Asian Service medal + Afghan bar, GCS South West Asia Medal, the NATO Former Yugoslavia (ART 5), the Canadian Peacekeeping medal and the Canadian Force Decoration 1st clasp.

    Dale and his loving wife Debbie, Daughter Morgan and Son Brady will be staying in the Edmonton area and are looking forward to the next chapter of their lives.