Sgt Allen Brown, CD

    Sgt Allen G Brown will be retiring on 03 November 2011 after 32 + years in the CF

    His career started June of 1979 in Kingston Ontario; fresh out of high school & looking for a challenge he hit the road for Boot Camp in Cornwallis NS. Shortly after that he was off to 3 RCHA in Shilo Manitoba to see what a Gunner’s life was all about. In the summer of 1980 it was off to Lahr Germany where the fun started. He moved around the Regiment playing with all their toys before his last position as the DCO’s driver were he got a taste of Carpentry being the Regimental Carpenter when not driving the DCO.

    Sgt Brown left Germany in 1985 headed for BCE section in Petawawa on OJT with his OT in hand awaiting his 1986 Structures Tech course in Chilliwack. It was right back to BCE Petawawa after his TQ3 course until he was shipped off to Cyprus in 1987 for 6 months. On his return he joined up with 2 CER to be their Regimental Carpenter & even got a chance to jump out of perfectly serviceable air planes filling a jump position. In 1990 Sgt Brown got another opportunity to go to Lahr Germany, which thrilled his German wife. This time he hung his hat at the Base Maintenance Carpenter Shop. In 1992 he left on the train for the first Roto to the former Yugoslavia (Op Harmony). He came back to Base Maintenance & was soon assisting in the closure of CFB Lahr. In 1994 Sgt Brown went to CFB Uplands in Ottawa & for a short 2 years he moved around from LETE where they tested Military kit, then it was off to Alert for 6 Months, 6 months as a PMI inspector & the last 6 months on a project at Leitrim. CFB Ottawa was on the chopping block so it was back to Petawawa under the ACT in 1996. Another tour came up to Bosnia with UNPROFOR in 1998. After that he only stayed with 2 CER until his new position of Regimental Carpenter for the Royal Canadian Dragoons came in 2000. Next he was off on an IR to Northbay in 2003 were he was I/C of the Carpenter shop. That only lasted for 1 year when Petawawa called out to him again in 2004 to the BCE Contract cell. He made his final rounds contracting for the CE’s Project Team & finished up with the SOA contract cell before his Medical release 3 November 2011.

    Allen & Monika have two boys they are very proud of, Kevin is a Combat Engineer in Petawawa & Andrew is in his last semester at Ottawa U taking Mechanical Engineering. Allen & Monika will be residing in Pembroke where Allen found a Term position with CFHA, while Monika continues playing at the PMFRC drop off center in Petawawa.