The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers

The History of the Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers Volume 2
Volume 2
Year Published 
Col A.J Kerry & Maj W.A. McDill

Col Kerry volunteered in 1950 to become Corps Historian. His first draft was completed in Nov 1955. After a review by the Chief Engineer, he was joined by Maj McDill who assisted in editing and preparing the first volume for publication. McDill's effort far exceeded that expected of an editor and he soon became co-author of the first two volumes.
They cover a wide range of activities by military engineers in the building of our great country, including the building of the Caribou Trail; the operation of the Northwest Highway System, the building of the Naval Dockyards on both the East and West Coasts; The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan; the construction of northern airfields; and the assistance in the time of civil disaster in Canada.
Volume III also deals with the Civil Engineers of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Construction Engineers of the Royal Canadian Air Force.
The series is a testament to the tireless, and often unrecognized, efforts of military engineers in Canada. They are profusely illustrated with pictures, sketches, fold-outs and multicolor maps.
These books would make a suitable presentation to your local library, for presentation to worthy associates, guest speakers or other individuals and associations with an interest in military engineering activities.
The proceeds from the sale of these books will be used to further the interests of Military engineering including the publication of future volumes of history.

Note: Vols I and II often catalogued together

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