MWO Ryan Vincent, CD

    • MWO Ryan Vincent, CD

    MWO Ryan Vincent, CD, will retire from the National Defence Fire Service on 21 March 2020 after 24 years of service in Canada, Former Republic of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

    MWO Ryan Vincent joined the Canadian Armed Forces in November 1995 as an Infantryman in Victoria, British Columbia.  After completion of basic training in St.Jean, Quebec, and the PPCLI Battle School In Wainwright, Alberta, he was posted to 3 PPCLI in Edmonton AB.  Shortly after arriving, he was deployed to Bosnia in July 1997 where he spent his time patrolling, accepting random physical competitions from locals and “sightseeing”.  On returning from his tour, he completed the Basic Parachutist Course at CFB Trenton and was immediately posted to the parachute company.  Ryan took special interest in becoming a C6 General Purpose Machine Gunner, partially because he was not a good shot and partially because he wanted the biggest gun if the time ever came to use his skillset. 

    Ryan was deployed to Bosnia again in February 2000 with the Para Company as a member of the Weapons Detachment, where he used his time “freelancing”, making “gains” and diversifying his Serbo-Croat language skills.  After Bosnia, Ryan was posted to Reconnaissance Platoon as the Parachute Detachment 2 i/c, where he obtained Jumpmaster and Military Free Fall qualifications.  Ryan attributes his time in recce to the one of the most memorable and influential benchmarks of his career. Essentially he thought he was impervious to structure but got to do cool stuff with checked-out dudes.  

    In February 2002, Ryan was deployed to Afghanistan on Roto 0, where essentially they were dropped off on Kandahar Airfield from an American Globe Master and set up camp in austere conditions.  Ryan’s deployment to Afghanistan was influential on his life, sharing hardships with his fellow soldiers, he grew an appreciation for the smaller things in life and over time grew and even darker sense of humour, if that’s possible. 

    In 2004, Ryan remustered to Fire Fighter.  After completing his QL 3, he was posted back to Edmonton where he found himself adapting to the shiftwork life, a significant amount of time off and burning off his excess energy through PT and Fire Fit challenges.  Ryan volunteered as the Edmonton Garrison Burn Treatment Society Representative and worked exclusively with the city of Edmonton Fire Department, raising funds to send children to specialized summer camps and purchasing enhanced treatment equipment for the Edmonton Burn Unit.   In 2008, he was posted to HMCS Regina In Victoria, BC where he had an interesting time sailing the West Coast.  After a three year tour in Victoria, he was posted back Edmonton as a Platoon Chief.  During this time Ryan became a member of the Canadian Military Engineers Association as the Fire Hall Representative and Vice President, raising money for soldiers in times of crisis.  In August 2017, he was promoted to Master Warrant Officer and employed as the Deputy Fire Chief of the 3 CDSB Fire Hall.  Despite the many administrative obligations, Ryan enjoyed his time as the Deputy Fire Chief and was fortunate to be surrounded with eager troops who shared a common vision to be a well-trained and well-motivated proud team of firefighters. 

    MWO Ryan Vincent has been honoured to serve his country and share his experiences with everyone he has served with.  Ryan, along with his wife Nadine and his two daughters Chloe and Olivia will stay in St. Albert, AB where he will continue to coach Chloe’s soccer team and be surrounded with family and friends.   He has accepted a civilian job with the Canadian Morale And Welfare Services Soldier On Team as a Regional Coordinator and will be working with the transitional unit at 3 CDSB Edmonton.  Ryan is grateful that he has the opportunity to give back to the caf community and help those members through sport and recreation, assisting them with their path to recovery. 

    A DwD will take place at the WO & Sgts’ Mess on 13 March at 13:30 hrs.  There is no cost to attend.  Any anecdotes and well wishes may be sent to Capt Lukaszczyk-Therien, , 780-973-4011 ext 4436 nlt 6 March 2020.