Lt Jean-Guy Mayer, CD

    • Lt Jean-Guy Mayer, CD

    Lt Jean-Guy Mayer, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 30 oct 2015 après plus de 20 années de loyaux services au sein des FAC, 3 PPCLI, la Branche du GMC et le service des incendies de la Défense nationale (voir bio ci-jointe).

    Une cérémonie de départ aura lieu à la caserne des pompiers de la base d'Edmonton (pot luck/BBQ) à 12h00 le dimanche 18 oct 15. Veuillez acheminer vos messages de félicitations, photos ou anecdotes à l'Adjum Will Elliott :

    Lt Mayer enlisted into CAF on 1 October, 1995 and will be departing the CAF with dignity after twenty years of loyal service.

    After completing Basic Trg and Battle School, he was posted to Edmonton as part of the 3rd Bn PPCLI at Griesbach Barracks. As a member of 3 VP, Lt Mayer completed three deployments: Op PALLADIUM (Velika Kladusa, Bosnia 1997), Op PALLADIUM (Tomislavgrad, Bosnia 2000), and Op APOLLO (Qandahar, Afghansitan 2002). In 2003, he departed the PPCLI as a MCpl to begin his new trade as a FFTR. He remained in Edmonton for another four years as a member of the CFB/ASU Edmonton Fire Department. In 2007, Lt Mayer was posted to Formation Augmentation (Pacific) where he sailed onboard HMC Ships VAN, OTT, CAL, WIN, and PRO. Once promoted to Sgt in 2010, Lt Mayer was posted to Personnel Coordination Centre (West), MARPAC as the FFTR coordinator. After completing four years in Esquimalt, Lt Mayer was posted to 19 Wing Comox as a DPC and (L)USAR team leader. In 2013, Lt Mayer was selected for the CFR Program and appointed to his current rank.

    Once he successfully completed CEOC 1.1 & 1.2 at CFSME in 5 CDSB Gagetown, Lt Mayer was posted to 3 CDSB Edmonton as the Fire Chief. While employed there, he managed the Fire Dept, re-established the relationship with Sturgeon County Emergency Services, and transitioned the Fire Dept from CE to B Ops. None of this could have been accomplished without the mentorship, guidance and advice from the NDFS Leadership, OC Engr Svcs Maj John Geen, DFC MWO William Elliott, and all of the FFTRs. Despite the short time frame, he would also like to thank LCol Mike Lane, Maj Scott Shrubb, and CWO Kevin Lewis for their mentorship; they provided sound guidance throughout the CE/Ops transition as well as valuable leadership mentorship.

    He would also like to extend a great appreciation to Maj Neil Anderson, Capt (Ret’d) John Paradis and CWO Denis Rutherford for their amazing support over the past years in helping him achieve his NDFS Fire Chief goal.

    Lt Mayer has accepted the position of Fire Chief in the Town of Coaldale, AB (everyone asks: 20 kms EAST of Lethbridge) and will begin his new chapter in life on 2 November, 2015. His beautiful wife Jennifer and amazing children, Emma and Jonah, will be joining him there once the school year has been completed. Lt Mayer wishes to express his pride and honour of being the FC in Edmonton and wishes everyone success and happiness – keep “owning the FH!”