Carol M. Isfeld, MSM

    • Carol M. Isfeld, MSM
    • Metorious Service Medal (Civil Division)
    • Carol M. Isfeld with Izzy Dolls

    We regret to advise of the death of Mrs Carol M. Isfeld, MSM who died suddenly on 15 August 2007 in St Joseph’s Hospital, Comox BC. Carol was born in Winnipeg, MB in 1939.

    Carol’s son, Master Corporal Mark Isfeld, a Military Engineer, was killed in Croatia in 1994 while carrying out UN peacekeeping duties on Operation HARMONY. Before her son’s death, Carol would knit woollen dolls for her son to distribute to destitute children in the former Yugoslavia. Until her death, Carol and her husband Brian continued to craft, ship and promote the delivery of the nicknamed ‘Izzy’ dolls ( to deployed Canadian soldiers who in turn gave them to orphaned and vulnerable children in war-torn regions around the world.

    The phenomenon of the Izzy Doll not only provided solace to children in war-torn areas but spread across the country. It became a source of immense satisfaction among many Canadians, mostly the elderly, by providing them with a sense of accomplishment and of “making a difference” by their participation in the production or distribution of these dolls.

    For their dedication both Carol and her husband Brian were awarded the Meritorious Service Medal (Civil Division) in 2006. Carol was also the recipient of the Memorial Cross and was the National Silver Cross Mother of the year in 2000.

    Carol's life and contribution to Canada and the children of the world will be celebrated near her home in the Comox Valley, BC at a memorial gathering on 8 September 2007 at the Mark R Isfeld Secondary School that was named after her son. Everyone is welcomed. {gdSep2015kh}