Capt John Paradis, CD

    Capt J.D. Paradis, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 2 mars 2015 après plus de 25 années de loyaux services au sein des FAC, RCR et de la Branche du GMC (voir bio ci-jointe). Une cérémonie de départ aura lieu au Griffin Pub, 1185 Kilmorley Rd, Comox à 12h00. Le Capt Paradis a accepté une position comme Chef pompier à Stratford, On débutant le 9 mars 2015. Veuillez acheminer vos messages de félicitations, photos ou anecdotes au Sgt O'Rourke Michael.O''>

    Captain John Paradis was born on 18 November 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Being part of a military family, his first posting, at the age of 3, was to CFB Summerside, P.E.I. in 1971. This turned out to be his parents retirement posting and was raised in Montague, P.E.I. until the age of 19. Following in their footsteps he enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in May of 1987 and started basic training January 1988 at CFB Cornwallis. He started off as an Infantryman with the Royal Canadian Regiment, during which, he was posted with 2 RCR. In August 1994 John went to see if the grass was greener on the other side. He said it seemed more blue then green and immediately re-enrolled, vowing to make a full career out of it this time around. 06 April 1996 John was posted to the Airborne Holding Unit, and eventually renamed 3 RCR. Captain Paradis received his OT to the National Defence Fire Service March 2003 and started his QL3 course in January 2004. His first posting as a firefighter was the 19 Wing Comox Fire Department in May 2004. May 2008 he was posted to the HMCS Vancouver in Esquimalt. Capt Paradis was commissioned to the rank of Lt during his sea time on 01 Oct 2010. He was posted to CFSME in CFB Gagetown March 2011 to complete Construction Engineering Officer Phase 3 and Phase 4 training consecutively. He officially took command as the 19 Wing Comox Fire Chief on 19 April 2012 until present day.

    Captain Paradis’ operational experience includes OP UNIQUE 1989, Oka 1990, Cyprus 1991-1992, Bosnia 1992-1993, Ice Storm 1998, Bosnia 1998-1999, Bosnia 2001, Afghanistan 2008-2009, and JIATF(S) 2010.

    Captain Paradis, his wife Samantha and two little girls, Alexandria (age 11) and Taylor (age 7), are very excited to be starting the next chapter of their lives in Stratford, Ontario where John has been hired by the city as their new Fire Chief. He will be taking the seat at his new fire department 09 March 2015.

    Capt Paradis says he is retiring on a high note. The opportunity to have lead an outstanding group of professional firefighters at 19 Wing Comox, having served with the CA, the RCN and the RCAF, and surrounded by friends and great memories. He would like to wish everyone all the best in their future careers serving with the Canadian Armed Forces.