WO Kenneth Wilson, CD

    • WO Kenneth Wilson, CD

    WO Ken Wilson, CD will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces after 26 years of loyal and dedicated service. 

     Members of 33 CER will be hosting an informal and family friendly Departure with Dignity for him to celebrate his years in uniform.

    See 33 CER Newsletter for details of DWD.

    Throughout his long career in the CAF, Ken has worked tirelessly and selflessly, often giving more of himself than he should have.  He has always been eager to work harder than most, share his knowledge with those around him, and actively mentor those that were subordinate to him.  The word “quit” does not appear to be in his vocabulary.  As an example of his can-do ethos, he completed 5k on crutches during the 2019 Army Run, after badly injuring an ankle a week earlier.

    Ken enrolled in the CAF in the fall of 1995, as an Army Reservist with 3 Field Engineer Squadron (now designated 33 CER) in Ottawa. In 1996 he completed QL3 and QL5 in 1997 both in Chilliwack, BC then joined 3 RCR in Petawawa for workup training in preparation for deployment to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    After this deployment, Ken held a series of Class B positions in Kingston and Ottawa and teaching positions at CFSME in Gagetown NB.  In 2006, he was promoted to MCpl, then to Sergeant in 2008.

    In 2009, Ken was married to Melissa and joined 1 RCR in Petawawa for workup training for deployment to Afghanistan.  In 2010 he was deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan as a Section 2IC.  During his deployment Ken had the good fortune to be on the low-order end of an IED but was badly wounded by the attack.

    After returning from this deployment, Ken was an incredibly successful recruiter as the squadron grew into a regiment, continued to hold a series of Class B positions, was promoted to Warrant Officer in 2012 and welcomed the birth of his son Alexander.  With 33 CER, Ken continued to contribute in the roles of Recce Sergeant then Squadron Sergeant Major.