MWO/Adjum Wilson Murphy, CD

    Après plus de 32 ans de service loyal et dévoué aux Forces armées canadiennes (FAC), le Service d'incendie de la Défense nationale, et la Branche du GMC, l'Adjum Wilson Murphy, CD (biographie ci-jointe) prendra sa retraite le 23 janvier 2017. La date de la cérémonie de départ avec dignité n'a pas été confirmé par le membre, une fois la date fixée, elle sera distribuée. Des anecdotes ou des souhaits de retraite peuvent être envoyés à l'adjuc Slaunwhite ou par téléphone au 613-995-2900

    MWO Wilson Murphy will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces after over 32 years of loyal service. Wilson was born in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and enrolled in Sydney on 29 August 1984. He started Basic training in Cornwallis in September 1984 and was posted to CFB Petawawa RCR Battle School from November 1984 to March 1985 on his Basic Infantry Course.>

    On completion of his Basic Infantry Course, MWO Murphy was posted to 2 RCR in Gagetown, and remained there until Mar 1989. He was then posted to Defence Research in Ottawa (DREO) where he remained until he re-mustered in October 1991 to Fire Fighter and was posted to CFB Borden. Upon completion of his trades course he was posted to CFB Uplands Ottawa as a Crew member. In 1995 he was then posted to CFB Shearwater after the closure of CFB Uplands, and then to CFB Halifax in 1996. Wilson was then posted in 1998 to HMCS Montreal where he deployed with the NATO fleet to Northern Europe. He was then posted back to 12 Wing Shearwater in 2000 as a Deputy Platoon Chief. He was promoted to MCpl in December 2000.
    On completion of his PLQ and QL6A he returned to Shearwater as Platoon Chief. Wilson was then posted in 2003 to CFB Edmonton as a Fire inspector and after a few months he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and again became a Deputy Platoon Chief. In 2006 he was deployed as the Task Force Fire Chief for Op Archer in Kandahar Afghanistan. Upon his return from Afghanistan he was promoted to Warrant Officer and continued the posting in CFB Edmonton as Platoon Chief until July 2007. He was then posted to 1 Engineer Support Unit (1 ESU) as the Fire Fighter SME / OPs. Wilson would see his second tour to Afghanistan come in 2008 as the Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM) for the Construction Management Organization (CMO) building roads in the Panjwayi and water canals in the Zhari district in Kandahar Province during Op Athena. On return from Afghanistan he filled a new role at 1 ESU as the Technical Training Coordinator for the Unit.
    In 2010 he again found himself in Kandahar Afghanistan with the Mission Transition Task Force (MTTF) as the Task Force Fire Marshal. Once back from tour he again found himself in a new position with 1 ESU HQ Ops.
    Wilson was promoted to MWO in December 2010 and took up the Operations MWO position at the Canadian Forces Fire Marshal’s office (CFFM). His contributions as the Deployed Operations SME were invaluable. While in the CFFM’s office he was also in charge of the Air Quality Management System, providing excellent support to the respiratory protection program.
    Wilson has been fully supported throughout his service to the Canadian Armed Forces by his wife Anita and two sons Glenden and Mitchell. His last working day will be 23 Jan 17. Wilson will be remaining in the National Defence Fire Service as he has accepted the position of Deputy Fire Chief of CFB Winnipeg Detachment Dundurn.