MWO/Adjum Randy Morningstar, CD

    • MWO/Adjum Randy Morningstar, CD

    After 35+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, MWO Randy Morningstar, CD (bio attached), will retire 30 Aug, 2016.

    A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at Aaltos in the Canad Inns Polo Park 1405 St. Matthews Ave Winnipeg MB, on 26 Aug 2016 at 1130. Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 05 Aug, 2016. Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by e-mail. OPI: WO Wayne Adamczyk , or by phone at 204-833-2500 ext 2517.

    MWO Randy Morningstar was born in Regina Saskatchewan and grew up on a farm near Lockwood, SK. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in March 1981 as a 031 Infantry, with 3 PPCLI, Victoria BC. While with 3 PPCLI, he did several courses, Driver Wheeled, Signals, Basic Mountain Operations to name a few. He was with the Sigs Platoon the whole time there, as a radio operator as well as lineman. While with the PPCLI he spent some wonderful summers and winters on exercise in glorious CFB Wainwright, as well as in Chilcotin BC.

    He had wanted to join as a 642 Electrician but the trade was closed, so as soon as he could he submitted the paperwork for his re-muster. In 1985, he was promoted to Cpl and his paperwork for his re-muster arrived and it was off to CFB Chilliwack and the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering (CFSME) for his TQ3 Electrician course. He was removed from the original course for a minor medical issue and placed on the next course, finishing as Top candidate and in 1986 he was off to CFB Moose Jaw, Detachment Dundurn. Here he completed is OJT and was back to CFSME for is TQ5 course in 1989.

    In the summer of 1990 Randy was off to CFB Lahr, Germany where he was employed at the PMQ Service Center. However, he wasn’t there very long when Randy started training with fellow Construction tradesmen and Field Engineers to deploy in support of the Gulf War. In October 1990 Randy deployed with the Canadian Support Unit (CSU) Qatar, based on the outskirts of Doha, where they built the CD2 camp for the Air Force and their F18’s. Once back at Lahr it was work as usual until fall 1991 when training started again for the conflict in Croatia/Serbia, however; in Feb 1992 two weeks before deploying he received a posting message to 1 Canadian Division Headquarters and Signals Regiment (1 CDHSR) in Kingston, ON. All that training gone to waste, well maybe not!

    Randy arrived in Kingston in June 1992 and was off and running with Field Exercises as an Electrician, with the Sigs Regt. It was only a few short months later that the training Randy had done while in Lahr for Deployment came into good use as in late 1992, 1CDHSR was tasked to Deploy to the Horn of Africa, Somalia to be exact. New Year’s Eve, 1992 it was off to Mogadishu Somalia where it would be home for the next six months! While still at 1CDHSR Randy trained for Deployment back to Africa, this time Rwanda in 1994 but ended up not going!

    In the summer of 1995 Randy was off to Base Construction Engineering (BCE) at CFB Shilo, MB. He was only there 11 months and it was off to 4 Wing Cold Lake, AB to work at WCE in the Electrical shop. While in Cold Lake Randy was deployed to Haiti as part of the United Nations Mission Transition Haiti (UNTMIH) from April-October 1997. Then in 1998 Randy was off to Quebec Ice storms.

    In the Spring 1999, Randy was moving again, this time for the stand-up of the Area Construction Troop (ACT) with 5RGC, CFB Valcartier QC in order to deploy to Bosnia. However, upon arrival at 5RGC, he and a few others were informed they would be staying behind! Although disappointed, it wasn’t long before Randy was training again, this time to deploy to the Golan Heights, ROTO 65 OP DANACA, Sept 2000 – March 2001. While there Randy was promoted to MCpl, and received the Task Force Commanders Commendation for his work while there.

    After returning to 5RGC in March 2001, it was not long before he received another posting message for July 2001, this time 17 WCE, CFB Winnipeg. Randy was employed in the Electrical shop and put in charge of the ED tech’s working on the 102 Comet project for the renovation for the new MFRC. He was not with the project long when again he was tasked for training, this time for Afghanistan. Training started in September through to November 2001 and then he was on standby to deploy. He was almost on the plane in early Dec when they were called back and on 24 hrs notice to move from then till Jan 2002, he never did deploy but two weeks after notification of not going he received another tasking message for ROTO 72, OP DANACA Golan Heights. He went there from Jun – Dec 2002, while there he received another Task Force Commanders Commendation for his work. When he returned to Winnipeg, Randy worked in Planning and went on a couple courses. In the spring of 2004 Randy was off again, this time on a Technical Assistance Visit (TAV) to Havana Cuba, working for DFAIT, to rewire the Canadian Embassy and some work at the Chancellors residence. Upon his return he was promoted to Sgt and started work in contracts. In 2005 Randy went back to CFSME Gagetown, NB for his 6A and then in early 2006 he was once again training to deploy, this time with the first Mission Support Squadron (MSS) that would be going to the Middle East in support of TF Afghanistan, Jun – Dec 2006. While there Randy was able to get the camp off of generator power and hooked to the local grid and for his work he received the TF Afghanistan Commanders Commendation. Upon his return from deployment he was promoted to Warrant Officer and continued working in Contracts and went to CFSME Gagetown for his 6B in April 2007.

    In August 2007 Randy was posted to ASU Calgary as the Engineering Officer in charge of all DND Infrastructure in Calgary and Southern Alberta from; Red Deer Armoury, south to Lethbridge Armoury as well as the Armoury in Medicine Hat and the Cadet camp at Waiparous Creek. This was an extremely busy and rewarding job and he will always remember this as one of his best postings!

    After an extremely busy three years in Calgary, Randy was promoted to Master Warrant Officer in April 2010 and posted back to 17 WCE, CFB Winnipeg in May 2010. He was only on the ground long enough to clear in and do two weeks of IBTS training before being attached posted to 5RGC for 6 months training, prior to going on OP ATHENA ROTO 10 in Nov 2010 – July 2011. While there Randy was in charge of the Mobile Construction Team (MCT) travelling throughout the AOR from Nov to end Dec 10 providing heat, AC and hot water for showers in some of the more remote TI’s. Upon the stand-down of the MTC in Jan 11, due to shortage of personnel, Randy started the planning for the withdrawal of all RTC and Engineer assets from the AOR, this was a huge undertaking and for his efforts during his time there, Randy received the CEFCOM Commanders Commendation in Dec 2012.

    Upon his return to 17 Wing in July 2011 Randy took over as the WCE SWO and held that position until June 2015. Also while in at WCE, Randy was appointed the Senior Trade Advisor for the Electrical Distribution Trade from Dec 2011 to June 2014. Due to ongoing medical issues, Randy will be medically released on 30 August 2016 after 35 ½ years of service.

    Randy will remain in Winnipeg for the time being and will be working on his online Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) certificate. He does not have any plans for work as of yet, but has been looking into several different options.