MWO/Adjum K. Pickering, CD

    • MWO/Adjum K. Pickering, CD

    Adjum K. Pickering prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadienne (FAC) le 02 août 2016 après plus de 38 ans de service loyaux et dévoués au sein des FAC et de la Branche du GMC (voir bio ci-jointe)

    Un Départ dans la dignité aura lieu le 27 juillet 2016 à la BFC Suffield de 12h00 à 13h00. SVP veuillez  envoyer vos messages de félicitations, anecdotes, ou photos au Capt T. Allie 403-544-5375 / RCCC: 520-5375. SVP, confirmez votre présence avant le 15 juillet 2016 à Ms K.Kottmeier  Tél:  403 - 544 - 4451 / RCCC: 520 - 4451

    After 38 + years of service with both the Armoured and the Engineer Branch Master Warrant Officer Keith Pickering will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on 02 August 2016

    Keith was born Oct 15 1956 in Chatham Ontario, where he spent most of his childhood. His father was an R&M Tech in the Military, which exposed the family to frequent postings. His father retired in 1972 which eventually put the family in Dartmouth N.S. where Keith graduated high school in 1975.

    Prior to joining the Canadian Forces, Keith married Peggy his high school sweetheart. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1978 as a Crewman with the LdSH in Calgary. Within a year of joining, Keith deployed on his first UN tour to Cyprus in 1979. In 1981 after three years as an armoured trooper, Keith transferred to the Air Force as an R&M Tech – just like his father.

    This found Keith in CFB Gander’s R&M Shop after completing his TQ3. While in Gander, he accomplished a number of milestones including his TQ4, TQ 5 and various promotions including promotion to MCpl. In 1985, Keith was posted to CFS Gypsumville as the 2IC of the R&M shop where he completed his QL6A, and played a key role in the dismantling of the Radar for the closure of CFS Gypsumville in 1987.

    Following the closure, Keith proceeded to CFB Halifax as 2IC of the Mechanical Maintenance Shop. During his time there he was promoted to Sgt in 1989 and was moved to the Contract Cell as its Mechanical Inspector. This was short lived as he was posted to CFB Shearwater in 1991 as the IC of the R&M shop. He was very active in this posting, with two UN Deployments; Cyprus in 1992 and Golan Heights in 1995. Keith deployed as the IC of the R&M shop for both deployments.

    With CFB Shearwater’s downsizing in 1996, he was posted to 2 CER at CFB Petawawa. While at 2 CER Keith deployed to Bosnia in 1998 as a Det Commander. The following summer he was posted to CFB Esquimalt to the PNCT where he deployed to Timor in 1999 and Eritrea in 2001 as the acting Troop WO.

    In 2003 Keith was promoted to WO and posted to the Project Development cell at CFB Edmonton Engineering Branch. In 2005 he was posted to ASU Calgary as the Engineering Officer and was promoted again in 2006 to MWO. This prompted a posting back to CFB Edmonton as a Contract Officer and Operations Superintendent with CE. This posting saw him deploy on two tours to Afghanistan in 2008 and 2011. And in 2012 he was posted to CFB Suffield as CE’s Contract Officer/SSM.

    Keith plans to return to Calgary with his wife Peggy. He has no firm plans at this time, except to take the time to relax, travel and visit family while enjoying time with Peggy.