MWO Steve Bailey, CD

    MWO Steve Bailey will be retiring after 33 plus years of loyal and dedicated service with the Canadian Forces.

    MWO Bailey enrolled in the Queen’s York Rangers in Toronto in March 1976. In Feb 1979 he followed his heart and made a component transfer to the Regular Force, joining then what was “B” Sqn” 8th Canadian Hussars in Gagetown, New Brunswick. Steve then spent thirteen very busy years between Lahr Germany (two tours), Gagetown (two tours) and Petawawa (one tour). He was employed in the whole gambit of Regimental positions from M-548 driver to Leopard Crew Commander and Recce Patrol Commander. His most memorable memories were Reforger 1979, Flag NCO at the 1983 CAT competition, EX LIGHTNING STRIKE on Baffin Island in Feb 1987, and in April 1992, ended his crewman days on a high note by running the CFS Bermuda 10K.

    In April 1992 Steve remustered to 141 Topo Surveyor. What followed were six great months of living on full TD, and challenging learning of the math and arcane technical aspects of survey as it once was practiced. After passing QL4, he was posted to MCE where he was to spend eleven years in a variety of positions. In 1993 he spent many days flying over the wilds of the Yukon and Northern B.C in a Hughes 500 helicopter on OP BOUGER. He deployed to Bosnia twice, Roto 4 in Coralici with the 2RCR Battle Group, and Roto 9 with the SFOR Geo Cell. While on Roto 4, he made the 2RCR marathon team and ran his personal best in the Prague Marathon in May 1999. In 2000 he and Phil Rock attended the Advanced Terrain Analysis course at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Both being from Toronto, they snagged free box seats, with valet parking to boot at the MCI Center, to watch the Leafs when they came to town.

    In 2003, he was posted to XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he went through all the Airborne PT and Battle Drills, with soldiers that were in many cases, half his age. After his first year there, he received orders to report to Baghdad Iraq, where he occupied the Geospatial Battle Seat in the Joint Operating Center, Multi National Corps - Iraq, for eleven months. Other memorable times during this posting included a Staff Ride to Vicksburg, Mississippi, to study the Civil War campaign there, and South Korea for EX ULICHI FOCUS LENS.

    In 2006 he was posted back to MCE where he was employed as a Tp Warrant and Squadron Sergeant Major. With the completion of thirty years of Regular Force service, it was time for Steve to move on and he has accepted a Class B position with CANOSCOM effective April 2009.

    MWO Bailey, his wife Sachie, and son Ted, are looking forward to the next phase of his career. They plan to spend the extra time travelling and playing golf, especially in warmer climes during winter. In recognition of MWO Bailey’s distinguished career and to honour him, we will be hosting a Departure with Dignity ceremony at 1030 hrs in the MCE Conference room at 615 Booth St. Ottawa, followed by a luncheon on 09 April 2009. The luncheon will be held at the Malones, located at 1001 Queen Elizabeth Dr. Ottawa. Please forward any anecdotes and messages to WO Andre Gignac, email