MWO Oldroyd, CD

    At the age of 22, Master Warrant Officer Oldroyd Joined the Canadian forces on 17th March 1976 and attended recruit school in Cornwallis, NS on 27th March that same year. After graduating from Basic training he attended CFSME on 11th June 1976 at Chilliwack, BC as Construction Tech and was posted to CFB Borden on 24th January 1977.

    He was promoted to Corporal in 1978 and later posted to Lords Strathcona’s Horse, CBF Calgary in 1979.

    Here he deployed to Nicosia Cyprus on a United Nations tour from 4th October 1979 to 4th April 1980, and received the UNFICYP medal.

    On the 25th August 1980 Cpl Oldroyd was posted to CFB Kingston, while here he was promoted to Master Corporal and tasked to Project HURRICANE, Eureka NU from February to MAY 1982.

    On the 9th July 1984 MCpl Oldroyd was posted to CFB Cold Lake and on the 2nd October 1985 he was promoted to Sergeant.

    In July 1990 Sgt Oldroyd is promoted to Warrant Officer and posted to 1Construction Engineering Unit, Winnipeg, MB.

    In July 1993 WO Oldroyd is posted to CFB Ottawa, ON, and from there he conducted a tour in CFS Alert, NU from May to November 1994 and received the SSM Alert Bar. On the 15th September 1995 WO Oldroyd is posted to CF SU Ottawa, ON and in 1996 he is posted to 1 ACT 4 ESR, Edmonton AB as the Troop Warrant for the Construction Troop.

    In July 1999 WO Oldroyd is posted to CFB Comox, BC in the position of procurement of the Construction Engineering section. From here he conducted a tour in the Middle East (TF SWA NSU) from March to August 2003 and received the SWASM.

    On the 1st January 2004 WO Oldroyd is promoted to Master Warrant Officer and took the position of Operations and Planning within the Construction Engineering section at CFB Comox. While here Master Warrant Officer Oldroyd conducted a tour in Qunaytriah, Syria (TF Golan) from November 2005 to February 2006 and received UNDOF Medal. His other awards include CD1 and CPSM.

    On the 10th July 2006 Master Warrant Officer Oldroyd is posted to CFB North bay and is retiring after 33 years of service. He and his wife, Susan Ann, plan on moving to southern Ontario for their future endeavours.