MWO Gord Wood, CD

    MWO Gord Wood, enrolled in the CF as an Artilleryman, on Jan 24th 1985, in Kingston Ontario. Upon completion of basic training at CF recruit school in Cornwallis Nova Scotia, he was posted to RCA Battle School in Shilo Manitoba. After completing Battle School training, he was posted to 3RCHA in Shilo. Employed as an artilleryman for the next 5 yrs he completed almost all regimental courses including Advanced Winter Warfare training in Cambridge Bay, NWT. After 5 yrs with the guns, he remustered to the engineer branch in Jan of 1990 as an RM Tech. He was attach posted to Barrington Nova Scotia for 3 months OJT, prior to completing the RM QL3 course at CFB Chilliwack, in May 1990.

    Upon completing the RM QL3 package he was posted to 17 WG Winnipeg. In Feb of 1994 he deployed on his first overseas as tour to the Golan Heights UNDOF for six months. He was posted to 17 WG for six yrs. While there, he completed two exchanges with the American National Guard. First to New Orleans, and the second to Tucson Arizona. He completed the RMQL5 package at CFB Chilliwack in 1993.

    In Aug 1996, he was posted to 2 CER at CFB Petawawa. In 1998, he deployed with the regiment to Bosnia, completing a six month tour in Feb 1999. While posted to Petawawa, he became involved with coaching hockey at the base level. In 2002 he was promoted to MCPL and posted to 86ASU at 8WG Trenton. For the next six years he was employed as an Arrester Gear Technician. He spent the majority of the 6 summers he was in Trenton, on the road, in support of the CF18 demonstration Team, as well as other tail hook aircraft. He was responsible for deploying Arrester gear at Air Shows across Canada and the US, as well as Inuvik in the NWT. In 2003 he completed another exchange with the US National Guard, deploying to Nashville. In 2004, he completed a second tour of the Golan Heights, and was promoted to Sgt in July 2005.

    Promoted to WO and Posted to 4 ESR at CFB Gagetown, in Aug 2008, he was employed as the OPS WO for the construction trades at the regiment. He was also employed as the Construction troop WO, before deploying to Afghanistan for a 7 month tour in Oct of 2009.

    He is married to Sgt Michelle Wood, an RMS clerk who will be posted to Kiev Ukraine in the summer of 2012. After his retirement, he will be handling all domestic responsibilities while they are there. He has three daughters, Tara, and son in law Alex who live in Dallas Texas. Lauren and her fiancé, Ben, who live in Peterborough ,ON. Kelsi is the youngest and she lives in Toronto, ON.