MWO Branko Felkar, CD

    MWO Branko (Brian) Felkar will be retiring from the CF on the 28 July 2012, after 36 plus years of dedicated service to the CF, RCR and the CME Branches. He was born in Linz, Austria and immigrated to Canada with his parents as an infant. He started his Military Career on March 4, 1976. After completion of Basic Training in Cornwallis, NS, he was off to CFB Gagetown on his Basic Infantry Training with 2RCR Regiment. On completion of this training, he and the 2 Battalion were tasked to go to Cyprus in 1977 for 6 months. He returned to Canada and in July 1978 was posted to 3RCR in Baden, Germany for 4 years, which proved to be the experience of a lifetime for a young soldier. After 9 years of camping and running around in the woods, he saw the light and transferred to the Engineer’s Branch as a Electrical Distribution Systems Technician and in Jan 1985 he commenced on his TQ 3 training at CFB Chilliwack, BC.

    After completion of his apprentice training, he was posted to CFB Borden, ON as an ED Tech in the CE Section. Upon completing his OJT package, he was off to Chilliwack once again in 1987 on his TQ 5. In 1990, after 5 years in Borden, MWO Felkar was posted to CFB Goose Bay, Labrador and was designated to the airfield looking after lighting and maintenance of the airstrip. After 3 years there, in March 1993 he married his loving wife, Mary and they were soon posted to CFB Halifax, NS where he worked with the Naval Construction Troop as an ED Tech. During his time there, he was tasked out to Golan Heights in 1994 and while there he received the CO’s Commendation for his efforts during a fire on the poll-bat camp, which took the life of one member. Throughout this NCT posting, he had the opportunity to be the IC of the ED shop, and also participated in the Quebec Ice Storm in 1998 and the Swiss Air Disaster.

    While in Halifax, he did two TAVs in Bosnia 2001 and one in Eritrea. MWO Felkar was promoted to the rank of Mcpl in 2000 and then to Sergeant in 2002 and then moved to the Contracting Cell. MWO Felkar completed his 6A in 2002 and in 2003 he was posted to CFB Winnipeg to the planning cell. During this posting, he did a 6 month assignment at CFS Alert and in 2005 he was off to CFB Petawawa as the Construction Troop Recce Sgt of 2CER.

    In December 2005 he was promoted to WO and took over the duties of Troop WO. While in Petawawa, he completed his 6B and ILQ courses. After 2 years there, he was off to CFB Wainwright in 2007 as the Contracts Officer in CE. MWO Felkar was promoted to his current rank in July 2008 and posted to CFB Gander to the 91 Construction Engineering Flight WO position. Over the next three years, while in Gander he took part in many training and TAV’s with the Reserve side of the forces and one tour of Afghanistan / UAE camp Mirage in 2010 and completed his ALP course in St Jean, Que.

    MWO Felkar and his wife, Mary, in July 2011 were once again getting ready for a long move this time, coast to coast to ASU Chilliwack, BC as the Engineering Services Officer. After only one year there, Brian has decided to finally hang up the web gear and will be retiring in Clarenville, NL, taking up the permanent position as families 2 I/C with his wife Mary as IC and their daughters: Erin and Jill, their son-in-law Paul and their special grandson, Russell, whom are all glad they will finally be around on a permanent basis.

    Brian has not made permanent employment plans but will enjoy spending time with family and friends for a while and may consider looking for a second career path that is a little less physically demanding.

    His last working day will be 28 July 12. We will be saying Good-bye at the Annual Unit Mess Dinner on the 8th of March 2012. Any stories or well wishes can be forwarded to WO A.P. (Sandy) MacDonald email: or call (604) 858-1011 Ext 1172 – Fax 604) 858-1029