Maj S.C. (Steve) Button, CD

    • Maj S.C. (Steve) Button, CD

    Maj S.C. (Steve) Button, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 15 juillet 2016 après plus de 13 années de loyaux et dévoués services au sein des FAC et de la Branche du GMC (voir bio ci-jointe).

    Maj Button a accepté une position avec Nova Scotia Health Authority comme gérant de projet pour la zone de l'ouest. Un repas de retraite aura lieu le 24 juin 2016 au 14e Escadre du Génie de Construction de Greenwood (voir document ci-joint).

    Veuillez acheminer vos messages de félicitations, anecdotes, photos au Lt Rick Costain  902 765 1494 local 5198, fax 902 765 1271

    Maj Steve Button is a native of Lead Cove, Newfoundland. Upon leaving his small town he attended and graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2003 with a Civil Engineering degree. Two weeks later, he joined the Military Engineers under the Direct Entry Officer program.

    He has been posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment / CFSME in CFB Gagetown (2004-2007), 14 Wing Greenwood (2007-2010), CFSU (Ottawa) (2010-2011) and 1 CAD A4 CE in Winnipeg (2011-2013). In 2013, he happily returned to 14 Wing Greenwood as the Wing Construction Engineer Officer, now OC of the local Real Property Operations Detachment.

    Maj Button has deployed internationally as a Project Engineer on Op CALUMET Egypt (2008/09), a short duration for Op LOBE Italy (2011) as part of Theatre Activation Team and finally as the JTF-Iraq J-Engr for Op IMPACT Roto 0 (2014/15). In the middle he led a small team for a week on a bilateral engagement with the Brazilian Airforce into the Amazon in 2012; it was the best TD of his career.

    Maj Button and his wife, Catherine, have been married since 2003 and have two children, Ezri (7) and Thomas “Tommy” (3). After 13 years, they’ve decided to remain in the Greenwood area to give stability to their kids and for Catherine to focus on her career, and also spend time in his new “Man Cave”. Maj Button has accepted a position with the Nova Scotia Health Authority as the Manager of Project Management for the Western Zone.

    Maj Button is a proud member of the Canadian Military Engineers Association (CMEA) and would like to stress membership as it helps many within the Engineer family.