2 CER Supports Camp Maple Leaf

Publication Date 
02 Oct 2014

On Sept 14, 2014 members from 2 Combat Engineer Regiment set out to build a 44.7m Medium Raft and subsequently conduct ferry operations across Gannons Narrow in support of Camp Maple Leaf.

Located on an island approximately 25 km northeast of Peterborough ON, Camp Maple Leaf is a summer camp for youth aged 8-14 whose goal is to build self-confidence as well as problem solving and leadership skills in a positive environment. Camp Maple Leaf has military origins drawing its name from the military tradition of the Canadian Armed Forces establishing a “Camp Maple Leaf” in areas they are on active duty. During the military’s time on tour these camps represent a place of safety for members to rest, relax and recuperate. These camps are then left behind to be used as a new centre for the community. Established in 1955 by the Canadian Council of War Veterans their vision was that no child would be turned away from a summer camp due to economic reasons. Over the years the number of Veterans available to run the camp declined, and in 1995 ownership and rights were transferred to a nonprofit social services organization who continue to carry on the vision of the veterans.

Camp Maple Leaf is currently conducting renovations to improve its dining facilities with PCL Construction providing the equipment and materials required for the construction of a brand new dining facility free of charge. 2 Combat Engineer Regiment was requested to assist in the movement of PCL Construction equipment and materials across the waterway to the island on which Camp Maple Leaf is located. Arriving on the task site at approximately 2300hrs on 14 Sept 2014, 24 Field Squadron, along with support personnel from 25 Combat Support Squadron and 28 Administration Squadron, completed the construction of the Medium Raft at night in order to begin ferry operations at 0600hrs the following morning. The Medium Raft was operated throughout the week from 15 Sep to 19 Sep with a wide range of loads to include various configurations of heavy equipment, vehicles and tractor trailers. The Medium Raft ferry was a great success which enabled the PCL Construction Company to continue building the new dining facility for Camp Maple Leaf.