LCol Pierre Bilodeau, CD

    CO MCE LCol Pierre Bilodeau will retire from the CF on 18 Apr 08 after nearly 32 years of loyal and dedicated service with the CME Branch. LCol Bilodeau joined the CF on 6 August 1976 and graduated from RMC in May 1981 with a BEng in Civil Engineering. Upon completion of Ph IV at CFSME, he served with 1 CER in Chilliwack as Tp Comd and unit Adjt. In 1984, he was selected to become a Geo Officer and attend the Post-Graduate program in Surveying Engineering at UNB Fredericton. He was posted to MCE in 1986 and the Directorate of Cartography in1989 where he served eight years in several sub-unit command and HQ Geo staff positions. During this period, he also deployed to Bosnia for a ten-month tour with UNPROFOR BH Command Headquarters in Sarajevo and Kiseljak. He was posted to 1 Canadian Division Headquarters in Kingston in July 1994 where he held the staff positions of OC Div HQ Sqn, G1 Personnel Ops and G3 Training. LCol Bilodeau returned to Ottawa in July 1997 to serve as DCO MCE and Cmdt of the School of Military Mapping for four years. He attended CFCSC in Toronto in 2001-02, and was promoted to his current rank on 1 Dec 01. In July 02, he was appointed J2 Geomatics and Imagery Operations for three years including 10 months as Acting Director in 2003-04. He took over command of MCE on 7 Jul 05 and will pass over command to LCol Steve Gregory at the upcoming C of C parade on 11 Apr 08.

    LCol Bilodeau will begin a new career in the private sector as the National Industry Manager for Public Safety with ESRI Canada (Geo Info Systems software company) in the Ottawa office. He will maintain his golf membership at Hylands where he plans to defend his three consecutive MCE best ball championships and also entertain his Mapper friends over breakfast on weekends. A retirement ceremony will be held in his honour on Friday 30 May 08 at the Hylands golf club at 2101 Alert Road in Ottawa. The Departure with Dignity ceremony will start at approximately 1400 hrs, and all guests are also invited to join Pierre for a luncheon at 1300 hrs following the annual MCE best ball tournament. Those wishing to attend this event are asked to contact the CO MCE's secretary Mrs Kathy Brady at prior to 16 May 08 in order to confirm their attendance to the ceremony and luncheon. Congratulations msgs, anecdotes and war stories can be sent via e-mail to the MCE Adjt Capt Daniel Cyr before 16 May 08.