CWO Paul Kombargi, CD

    • CWO Paul Kombargi, CD

    Après plus de 34 ans de services loyaux et dévoués envers les Forces armées canadiennes (FAC) et la Branche du Génie militaire canadien, l'Adjuc Paul Kombargi, CD prendra sa retraite le 28 mars 2019. Des anecdotes et des messages de félicitations peuvent être envoyés à l'Adjuc Darryl Foster à l'adresse

    Master Warrant Officer Paul Kombargi started his military service in 9 Feb 1983 enrolling in Toronto ON.  Master Warrant Officer Paul Kombargi was born and raised in Toronto, ON and is the youngest of three brothers. He graduated from high school in 1981 and spent 1 year at Seneca College taking an Audio/Visual Technician course before joining the military. MWO Kombargi is married and has 2 daughters, Haley (age 15) and Cori (age 28). 

    Completing his initial trades training as a Naval signalman in Esquimalt BC, MWO Kombargi served three years on the HMCS Nipigon stationed in Halifax deploying on several missions throughout the Atlantic and Caribbean regions. 

    MWO Kombargi released from the military in 1986 for 2 years working in the construction industry before re-enrolling in 1988 as a Water-Fuel Environmental Technician with the Construction Engineers. MWO Kombargi started his second career in 5 Wing Goose Bay where he deployed to Alert for a Box Top task. Before leaving Goose Bay in 1991 he was tasked to deploy to Gulf War, training with US Forces at Eglin Air Base, however the war ended before he could deploy into to theatre. 

    Promoted to Cpl he was posted to 19 Wing Comox as a technician within the water treatment plant. During his five years in Comox MWO Kombargi deployed to UNDOF Golan Heights in 1993 with Construction Engineer Det. A year half later deployed to Haiti in 1995 Roto 1 with Canadian Engineer Squadron. Promoted to Mcpl in 1996 and posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment within the Area Construction Troop as 2IC of the Mech Section. During his tour in Petawawa he deployed with ISAF Roto 1 1998 as CE Det Comd part of the 1 RCR Battle Group. Following his tour he remained in Petawawa until 1999 where he was posted back to Comox as section Comd and was tasked with a 6 month tour to Alert as part of the Engineer Det was then promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2000. In 2001 MWO Kombargi was posted back CFB Petawawa Base Construction Engineers and promoted to Warrant Officer in 2003 where he filled various positions including engineer plans, Contracts 2IC, specification writer and working with Base Environment dealing environmental assessments and compliance issues within the Base. 

    In 2006 MWO was posted Canadian Forces Joint Support Group Headquarters in Kingston filling the J5-Plans 1-3 position. Promoted to Master Warrant Officer in 2007 continued to work in J5 Plans participating in complex Lines of Operation planning for numerous ops including OP NANOOK, OP ATHENA, development of Jamaican Operational Support Hub. Also deployed on short notice to Germany (DEU) to help establish Strategic Lines of Communications (SLOC) Det DEU and assisted in the planning of the transfer of functions From Camp Mirage to that SLOC Det.

    MWO Komabrgi was promoted to CWO in 2011 and posted to 14 Construction Engineer Squadron Bridgewater as SQN CWO. In 2012 CWO Kombargi was posted to the Wing Logistics Engineer Branch Chief Warrant Officer. After three years as 8 WLEO CWO Kombargi accepted a Class A position with 8 Wing Environment from 8 June 2015 until November 2018 at which time he transferred to a Class A position in Kingston working as A4 CE FG COORD. MWO Kombargi will release with 34+ years of service on 28 March 2019. MWO Komabrgi plans to remain in the Kingston area for now and has accepted a position with RMC Civil Engineering Department Green Team.