CWO Ken Ochitwa, CD

    After 36 plus years CWO Ken Ochitwa will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on 15 June 2011.

    Chief Warrant Officer Ochitwa joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1975 as a direct entry Fire Fighter. After basic training in CFRS Cornwallis and trades training at CFB Borden Fire School, he was transferred to his first posting in CFB Moose Jaw.

    In 1979, he was then posted to HMCS Margaree, and upon completion of his two and a half year sea tour he was posted in 1981 to CFB Lahr Germany for the next four years. In 1985 Chief Warrant Officer Ochitwa returned to Canada where he was posted to CFB Edmonton and promoted to Master Corporal and then to Sergeant.

    Chief Warrant Officer Ochitwa was posted to HMCS Saguenay in 1989 where he was part of the decommissioning crew and in 1990 he was posted to HMCS Halifax as part of the commissioning crew and Frigate Program. In 1992 he was promoted to Warrant Officer.

    From 1992 to 1997 Chief Warrant Officer Ochitwa was posted to CFB Cold Lake and spent many months in Yellow Knife and Inuvik Forward Operating Locations. He also spent nine months in Bosnia with the UN Protection Force in 1995.

    In 1997 CWO Ochitwa was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood as a Platoon Chief and later, promoted to MWO, he took over as the Wing Deputy Fire Chief.

    In 2000 Chief Warrant Officer Ochitwa was posted to Sea Training Atlantic as the Chief Fire Fighter and conducted workups on all ships including those that go under the water, intentionally. He was involved in OP Apollo, conducting not only Workups, but the Combat Readiness Training prior to the ships departing on deployment.

    In 2003, he was posted to CFFA as the Standards Master Warrant Officer and then promoted to Chief Warrant Officer where he assumed SCWO until he was posted in 2005 to CFB Winnipeg. In Winnipeg, he went into the Air Force Training Chief Warrant Officer billet where he remained for the next three years where he was instrumental in working with the development and implementation of the new trade specifications and Qualification Standards.

    CWO Ochitwa originally planned to retire in December 2007; however he remained in to conduct the Qualification Standard Boards and upon completion, he was then asked if would remain in for three years and take the Fire Chief’s position at CFB Greenwood in Jul 2008, which of course he did.

    CWO Ochitwa will be retiring on the east coast, Halifax area with his wife Jay and family. A "Depart with Dignity" ceremony will take place in Greenwood. Date to be announced shortly. Congratulation messages or anecdotes may be sent along to MWO J.P. Martin at Fax 1- 902-765-1781 or email to