Cpl L.A. Galambos

    Après presque 6 ans de service loyal et dévoué aux Forces armées canadiennes et aux Génies militaires canadiens, le Cpl Lane Galambos prendra sa libération le 13 juillet 2022. Les messages de félicitations et les de meilleurs vœux peuvent être envoyés au Cplc C.T. Pascoe à Christian.Pascoe@forces.gc.ca.

    Cpl Lane A. Galambos was born in Saskatoon, SK, and joined the military in July 2016. He enrolled as a Combat Engineer at CF Recruiting Center Calgary (Detachment Regina). After Basic Training in St-Jean, QC, he completed BMQ-L (Soldier Qualification) in December 2016. Following DP1, he was posted to 1 CER to serve in 2 Troop.

    In July 2017, he deployed on Op LENTUS for roughly a month. Upon his return to 1 CER, he served as a Light Troop section member for a short period before being sent to California on EX SPARTAN ASCENT as the section M203 gunner.

    Cpl Galambos continued to gain experience on various exercises and courses, including the Basic Parachutist course, which he completed in June 2018. As a qualified parachutist, he moved into 1 Section (Para), where he gained further experience as a Light Engineer, receiving the white parachutist wings in July 2019. He was promoted early to the rank of Corporal in August 2019 and one week later, Cpl Galambos was tasked to Ottawa to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for five weeks.

    After pandemic restrictions were eased slightly, Cpl Galambos was loaded onto a DP2 course in September 2020, completing the course in November. In March 2021, Cpl Galambos travelled to Louisiana to participate in EX JRTC, where he earned his American Jump Wings. In August 2021, Cpl Galambos was again deployed on OP LENTUS for a month. For the next three years, Cpl Galambos would remain with 1 Section (Para) before moving to the POL Section within 18 Admin Sqn.

    During his time with 18 Admin Sqn, Cpl Galambos has completed courses like Dangerous Goods, Air Brakes, and Skid Steer. In June 2021, he officially became a member of the TPT POL Section, which is where continues to work.

    Outside of the military, Cpl Galambos keeps fit by practicing MMA and is an avid fisher and hunter.