Col J.G. Wall, CD

    • Col J.G. Wall, CD

    Col J.G. Wall, CD : Après 33 années de loyaux et dévoués service au sein de l'Armée canadienne et la Branche du Génie militaire canadien, incluant ses tours comme Commandant 1 CER, Commandant du Groupe du Génie du soutien opérationnel, Conseiller de la Branche du GMC et Directeur du Génie, Col Jim Wall prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 18 mai 2016 (voir bio ci-jointe). Jim et sa conjointe Judy rejoindront leur enfants au Canada et prendra sa retraite dans la région de Kingston, Ont.

    Une cérémonie pour souligner son départ aura lieu le 15 avril 2016 de 13h00 à 16h00 au Fox and Hound Pub au Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Veuillez SVP acheminer vos messages de félicitations ou anecdotes au Lcol T.J. (Joe) Gale, 719-474-8325 LCol Joe Gale


    Colonel Jim Wall was commissioned into the Canadian Military Engineers (CME) in 1983. He held command and staff appointments in 1 and 2 Combat Engineer Regiments (CER) at the troop, squadron and regimental level. Col Wall began his regimental duty with 2 CER from 1985-1988 commanding 2 Troop (Para), and 25 Support and Parachute Squadron.

    From 1988 - 1991, Col Wall served on the General Staff with the Special Service Force Headquarters Petawawa as G3 Training. He was posted to 1 CER Chilliwack as Deputy Commanding Officer (DCO) in 1991, immediately joining the unit in Kuwait & Iraq on peacekeeping duty (UNIKOM) and then later serving in Croatia with 1 CER as part of UNPROFOR in 1992-1993.

    Col Wall was posted to Land Force Atlantic Area Headquarters in Halifax as SO2 Infrastructure Requirements and worked on Reserve Restructure 1994-1996 and then from 1996-1999 returned to 2 CER Petawawa to assume the duties of DCO. This tour included two domestic operations (Winnipeg floods and Ontario ice storms) and a United Nations mission on OP NOBLE as the Senior Technical Advisor to the Mine Action Centre in Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Col Wall was the Commanding Officer of 1 CER in Edmonton, Alberta from 2001-2003. During that time the unit prepared Sappers for deployments to Op APOLLO in Afghanistan, Op PALLADIUM 11 and 12 in Bosnia and conducted Op Grizzly in support of the G8 Summit in Kananaskis, Alberta. Following unit command he served as the Deputy Director Army Training at Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS) Kingston, Ontario 2003-05 and then later moved to become a member of the Directing Staff, followed by Dean of Studies and then Deputy Commandant of the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College from 2005-08.

    In June 2008 Col Wall assumed the duties of CME Branch Advisor and Commander Operational Support Engineer Group at CANOSCOM HQ responsible for the Force Generation of Joint Engineer Support Capabilities for employment in Jamaica, Afghanistan and on domestic operations that included the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics. In August 2009 he began a 12 month deployment as Deputy Director Stability Regional Command South HQ (CJTF 6) in Kandahar, Afghanistan where he coordinated reconstruction and infrastructure development projects in support of NATO and Afghan Government governance, development and security priorities throughout four provinces in southern Afghanistan.

    Upon redeployment Col Wall was appointed as Director Army Doctrine (DAD) and Director Engineers (D Engrs) until 2012 when he was transferred to Colorado Springs, Colorado. On his final posting he served as Command Center Director in the NORAD-US NORTHCOM Command Center (N2C2) until 2014, when he assumed his current appointment of N-NC Deputy Director Joint Training and Exercises.