CFB Chilliwack Memorial (FR)

Publication Date 
24 Mar 2014

Good morning Engineers

Please find attached my latest Br CWO update. (CME Branch CWO Activity Report March 2014) Apparently Engineers like I have changed the format from a plain email to a Word document. This has allowed me to imbed pictures and hyperlinks into the document. Hopefully this all works out as my computer skills are not the greatest.

I have also tried to compress the pictures as much as possible so as not to jam up everyone in box, if this format creates too many problems I will go back to a plain email form I am open to feedback, I would like to know if this new format works or if there are problems with pictures, links or size of the document.

As always it is a pleasure to represent the Branch of Military Engineering and to meet Engineers wherever I travel when I accompany the Col Cmdt and the Ch Mil Engr. 


K.A Patterson