Capt Robert Lamothe, MMM, CD

    Capt Robert Lamothe, MMM, CD prendra sa retraite des Forces armées canadiennes le 1 juin 2017 après plus de 35 années de loyaux et dévoués services au sein des FAC et de la Branche du GMC (voir bio ci-jointe).

    Un départ dans  la dignité aura lieu le mercredi 22 mars 2017 au Gunroom à Workpoint (BFC Esquimalt) de 14h00 à 17h00.

    SVP Veuillez confirmer votre présence et acheminer vos messages de félicitations, anecdotes, photos au Capt Monette-Saillant (250-363-5333) ou (250-217-2324) avant  le 15 mars 2017.

    Capt Lamothe was born in the nation’s capital and was raised in the Gatineau area before enrolling as a soldier in August of 1981. Upon completion of training, Capt Lamothe was posted to 2PPCLI in Winnipeg. During his infantry career he completed two tours in Cyprus and a four-year posting to Baden-Baden, West Germany where he was promoted to MCpl and then posted back to Winnipeg in 1988. Receiving the 2nd Battalion’s Top MCpl award in 1989 and on the brink of promotion, Capt Lamothe made the decision to bid farewell to the PPCLI and remuster as a military electrician.

    In 1990, he reported to Chilliwack as a Corporal to begin training as a Construction Engineer and was later posted to North Bay, Ontario. While posted to North Bay, he completed the remainder of his trades training and pursued an electrical Inter-Provincial certification to completion in 1993. Capt Lamothe later deployed on a six-month tour to Haiti in support of UN operations in 1995. A posting to Comox followed in 1997 as did a promotion to MCpl shortly after. Tasked with a string of deployments while posted to Comox; Capt Lamothe deployed to CFS Alert, Eureka, Bosnia and Kosovo over the course of 3 years. He was promoted to Sgt in 2000 and posted to Esquimalt that summer.

    In 2002, as part of the Pacific Naval Construction Troop (PNCT) in Victoria, Capt Lamothe was once again tasked with a tour of CFS Alert. Employed as the PNCT Troop Warrant he was promoted to the rank in February of 2003. While in Esquimalt he worked extensively with Urban Search and Rescue and maintained an active Ship Diver qualification. Capt Lamothe deployed on OP Athena during 2004, serving six months with TSE Kabul as the Contract Officer. Promoted to the MWO rank in January of 2006 and was posted to Cold Lake as the Requirements 2 I/C in charge of the Planning and Contract Sections.

    In April of 2008, he deployed to Camp Nathan Smith (CNS) in Kandahar. Employed as the Camp Sergeant Major, he remained at CNS for eight months providing construction and camp support to the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT). Upon return to Cold Lake he spent a short period of time at CE as the Plan O and was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer in March of 2009. Capt Lamothe was posted to DGMC as the Career Manager for the seven CE occupations in June of 2009. In March of 2010, he was awarded the CDS Commendation for his achievements and contributions while deployed in Kandahar with the KPRT.

    Capt Lamothe served as the CE Career Manager for three years during which time he was inducted into the ORMM. In July of 2012, he was commissioned to the rank of Captain under SRCP and was subsequently posted to Esquimalt where he served as a Staff Officer with JTFP and later with CE as the D/Ops O and most recently as Ops O for RP Ops Section Esquimalt.