Capt Mike Machin, CD

    • Capt Mike Machin, CD

    Captain Machin was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland where he completed both his secondary and post-secondary schooling. In 1993, he graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Geography.

    In February 1983, Captain Machin enrolled in 56 Field Engineer Squadron as an NCM. He would then go on to complete his GMT (General Military Training) and Field Engineer Qualification Levels 3, 5 and 6A. Captain Machin completed his Junior Leadership Course in 1985 and was appointed to Master Corporal in 1986.

    Captain Machin joined the Officer Corps in February 1988 when he was promoted to Officer Cadet. He then went on to complete RESO Ph I and MILE Ph II. He was promoted to Second Lieutenant and appointed Troop Commander in September 1988.

    Captain Machin then completed MILE Ph III, and Basic Classification Training III. In September 1989, he was promoted to Lieutenant and appointed as the 56 Field Engineer Squadron Administration Officer. Captain Machin then completed MILE ICT and MOSC before he was promoted to Captain and appointed Adjutant in 1992. In 1993,

    Captain Machin completed MILE ACT and was then appointed 56 Field Engineer Squadron Operations Officer. He was appointed the Deputy Commanding Officer in 1995 and then Operations Officer in 1996. He remained in this position until 1998 when he was appointed Deputy Commanding Officer once again. Capt Machin assumed command of 56 FES on 5 December 2002.

    In civilian life, Captain Machin is a Senior Software Developer at International Communications and Navigation Ltd. (ICAN). He is married to Lisa Machin (nee Hobbs). They have two sons, Morgen, and Simon.