Capt Lance Glen Gelinas, CD

    • CME Badge

    Lance Gelinas signed up in Ottawa, ON, joining the CF in August 1980.

    Following recruit school in Cornwallis, he was transferred to CFB Kingston for his TQ3 Teletype and Cipher technical training. Having attained the top mark on his course, he was posted to the Communications Squadron in CFB Lahr Germany as the first TQ3 Private in January 1982. Captain Gelinas enjoyed the good life in Lahr until May 1985, where he was once again posted to Kingston with the Canadian Forces Crypto Maintenance Unit.

    In August 1989, Capt Gelinas saw the light and attended RMC as a UTPM, graduating in May 1993 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and received Second Class Honours. After completing his training at CFSME in Chilliwack, BC where he received the Burns Sword for the Top Student Award (RAWA), he was posted to 19 Wing Comox in April 1994.

    During his stay in Comox, Lance had the pleasure to see the sights of Haiti while on a UN tour from August 1995 to March 1996, which earned him a posting to 17 Wing Winnipeg in July 1997. Having worked feverishly at 17 Wing as the Operations Officer followed by two years as the Requirements Officer, Capt Gelinas was rewarded with a cross posting to 1 Canadian Air Division/A4 Airfield Engineers in June 2000. His stay at 1 Canadian Air Division has been punctuated first with a six month Humanitarian Tour for CIDA to construct an aircraft apron for Tirana’s “Mother Teresa” International Airport in Albania in 2001 followed by frequent trips to the Canadian North, Bagotville, Greenwood, and of course his work away from work, 8 Wing Trenton.

    After knowing Lance for over four years as both civilian and soldier, Veronica accepted his proposal of marriage, and to give him the support only a wife can provide. It was during their time in the Chilliwack and Comox valley, they began to raise two beautiful valley girls, Starlene, now 14 and Selena, 11. Having to choose between retirement or a promotion and posting once again to Kingston, Lance and family, at this point in time, have decided to retire after 28 ½ years and make Winnipeg their home. Lance, with a new beard, will still be found toiling away at his desk at A4CE.

    To acknowledge and celebrate Lance’s career and contribution to the CF, a luncheon is being planned for 13 February 2009. Location TBD. Any anecdotes, congratulatory message or well wishes may be sent to Captain J.L.J. (Julian) Pyka at Fax (204) 833-2566 or Also, anyone wishing to attend the luncheon please confirm your attendance with Captain Pyka.