Capt Ken Toomey, OMM, CD

    • Capt Ken Toomey, OMM, CD

    Capt Ken Toomey joined the 45 Fd Sqn, RCE, Militia in July 1970, lying about his age to get in at the early age of 15 years. He remained there for over seven years, until he saw the light and joined the Regular Force. He served another 27 years in the Reg Force, transferred back to the Reserves in 2005, and will remain at his post until 19 June 2014. This will encompass 43 yrs and 347 days of service to Canada and the Canadian Military Engineers. 

    His postings have included 2 CER (twice), 1 CER, 4 CER, CFRS Cornwallis, CFOCS, the CF Training Development Centre, CF Fire and CBRN Academy. He ended up at CFSTG HQ where he has been for the past nine years. During that time, he has met and worked with some outstanding people and will have nothing but good memories of his time served in uniform. 

    Ken has not really embraced the notion of full retirement just yet, having accepted a position as a contractor working at the CBRN Academy. 

    He plans to remain in the Barrie area where he will eventually settle down in a smaller house, to be close at all time to his wife, Wendy, who is not looking forward to having him so close, all the time. 

    A DWD ceremony is scheduled for the Base Borden Officers Mess on 26 June. 

    Well wishes, anecdotes and any embarrassing stories should be sent to MWO Tom Patterson at CFSTG HQ (ext 3101) (Patterson MWO TP ) prior to the ceremony.