Capt Jerry Manning, MMM, CD

    Captain Jerry Manning, MMM, CD will be retiring from the CF on the 28 February 2010, after 42 and one half years of loyal and dedicated service to the Royal Canadian Military Engineers, the Canadian Military Engineers and the Canadian Forces. Jerry was born in 1950 in St.John's, Newfoundland. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces on 30 Aug 1967. In 1968 he graduated from the Field Engineer QL3 course at RCSME and was posted to 2 Field Squadron, Gagetown. In 1970 he was posted to 1 Field Squadron, Petawawa. In 1974 he was posted to 4 Field Squadron, Lahr, Germany.

    In 1978 he was posted back to 1 Field Squadron at which time he completed a Basic parachutist course and performed the duties of a Section Comd within 2 troop (airborne). In 1981 he was promoted and became 2 troop (airborne) WO. In 1983 he was posted to CFSAOE, CFB Borden, Ontario as the section 2I/C of the EOD School. In 1986 he was posted back to 1 Field Squadron, CFB Petawawa. He was promoted to MWO in 1986 and took on the responsibilities of Airborne Group SSM from Jan 1987 until Feb 1988. He also served as the SSM Administration Squadron from Mar 1988 until Jun 1990.

    In July 1990 he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer and took over as the RSM of 2 CER, SSF at CFB Petawawa. In Aug 1993 he was posted to CFSME at CFB Chilliwack. He has held the position of Tactics Troop Instructor and Field Engineer Standards CWO. In 1996, he was assigned the duties of SCWO CFSME. In 1997, he was given a senior appointment as the Area RSM of LFCA, Toronto. He served within LFCAHQ for 5 years, before moving over to the JAG organization as the AJAG CWO, were he remained for another two years. On the 7 June 2004, after some 37 years of service he was commissioned to the rank of Captain, and posted to CFB/ASU Petawawa, BCE, as the RTADO.

    On the 1 June 2006 Jerry retired from the Regular force after 39 years of service and transferred to the Primary Reserve force. He has been employed for the last 3 and one half years with 2 Area Support Group Headquarters, Petawawa as the G1 Management. Jerry and Barbara are remaining in the Petawawa Area were they are close to their two married daughters. They plan on enjoying the outdoor recreational activities in the Petawawa area, and some quality time with their four Grandchildren. Jerry has not ruled out the possibility of continuing to work a few more years in a civilian position should the opportunity come along.

    Jerry has already had his Depart with Dignity Mess Dinner on 26 August 2006 on retirement from the Regular Force however a 2 ASG HQ all ranks luncheon will be held at the Kelsey’s restaurant in Petawawa on Friday 26 February 2010. All are invited to this event and the individual attending will be responsible for their own meal. POC for humorous stories, well wishes or to confirm attendance at the luncheon is LCdr JP Smith at 2 ASG HQ, local 7275.