Capt Darryl Damude, CD

    On 3 Sept 85 Capt Damude transferred from the Reserves into the Regular Force. He spent a lovely 11 weeks in Cornwallis learning how to march and salute again. After that he was off the CFSME to conduct his TQ-3 as a Combat Engineer. Upon completion of his basic trades training he was posted to 1 CER. There he was sorted out quickly by his Tp WO.

    He spent 4 years in Germany from 89-91 in the Airfield Damage Repair (ADR) Sqn in Lahr and then up to Baden until 93 to work in the ADR Sqn there. With his experience in EOD Tp and being the guy who packed up all the KIT to be shipped back to Canada the career manager felt the he should accompany it back to CFB Cold Lake where he unpacked it. He served in 4 AES until he was selected for the UTPNCM program in 94. There his career took a side step when he became an Officer Cadet and turned to the dark side. He was back in Chilliwack once again learning how to march and salute once more time. One would think he would have figured it out by now.

    In-between his studies to become a Civil Engineer he spent the next three summers in Chilliwack where he completed his BOTC and his phase II and III. He never had a chance to go back to Chilliwack to conduct his ph IV in 98 because the “Home of the Engineers” had closed by then. He completed his ph IV at CFB Gagetown after which he was posted to 4 ESR as the Armd Tp Comd. He deployed with the Regt to Eritrea as part of the surge capability for Task Force East Africa. This was the first time when he was exposed to the SET from 1 CEU (now ESU). He mentioned to the career manager that he wanted to keep Moncton as a posting option and then the summer of 2001 he was posted to 1 CEU. Upon arriving in 1 CEU he was immediately sent to Bosnia as the SET 2 i/c.

    He applied for post grad upon his return and was selected. He completed his Masters in Environmental Engineering at RMC in 04 and was then posted back to Moncton 1 ESU. While in 1 ESU he deployed to Bosnia again as the SET Comd/Closure Engineer, to the Darfur region of Sudan to conduct some work for CIDA, and to Afghanistan on ROTO 0 in Kandahar help initiate the engineer planning of the Task Force transitioning south from Kabul. In 2007 he was posted to the OS Engineer Group HQ in Ottawa where he continued with his involvement the environmental field as well as working the infrastructure linkages between CEFCOM and ADM(IE).

    In the near future Capt Damude his wife Janice and daughter Beth will be staying in the Ottawa area. He is anxious about taking his uniform off after almost 24 yrs and becoming Mr Damude but looks forward to the career change. He will be occupying a position within DEEM, although a loss for the CF still a gain for DND.