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Canadian Ambassador and Military Attache to The Netherlands lay a wreath at the Op BERELIN Memorial in Driel (19 Sep 2020)
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24 Sep 2020

Canada’s ambassador to The Netherlands lays a wreath at the Driel monument remembering the actions of Canadian and British Sappers during Op BERLIN.  This link includes text and a video describing the ceremony.

The article is in Dutch.  Chrome users can right-click on the text to translate to English. The video is in English.

Below is a rough translation of the text. You will have to go to the link to see the video.

DRIEL - Ambassador Lisa Helfand laid a wreath on Saturday at the monument on the Drielse Rijndijk. The short ceremony at the Monument Royal Engineers and Royal Canadian Engineers was led by Frans Ammerlaan of the Market Garden Foundation.

The laying of the wreaths was started with a short speech by Ammerlaan, who replaced his son Robin. "I hope he can be there next year." Ambassador Helfland then says that she hopes that she will be able to give a speech at the commemoration in 2021 and that all interested parties will be welcome again.

Earlier on Saturday, Ammerlaan received alderman Jasper Verstand for the laying of the wreath at the RAF memorial, which commemorates the 241 allied soldiers of the British and American air forces who died in Operation Market Garden.

Friday afternoon a short ceremony was also held at the monument 'Remember September 1944'. Under the direction of Ben Kolster, two wreaths and a flower arrangement were laid there. "In terms of attendance, the commemoration contrasts sharply with that of last year," says Kolster. "But the thinking behind this tribute is exactly the same."