Firefighter Receives CJOC Coin

Sgt Tremblay receives CJOC Coin
Publication Date 
01 Dec 2022

Sgt Tremblay was awarded a CJOC Coin recently for his response to a fire in Camp Canada in Kuwait. The citation reads:

Sgt Tremblay – Task Force Fire Marshal, Op IMPACT

Throughout the night of 09 November until 14 November 2022, Sgt Tremblay displayed excellent technical and leadership abilities while dealing with a fire and the aftermath in the accommodation building. Sgt Tremblay initiated a quick response, fought the fire and coordinated the scene with the USA firefighting team. During the following days, Sgt Tremblay spent tireless efforts in coordinating the safe and expedient reopening of the accommodation building. Sgt Tremblay displayed tremendous leadership by taking charge of the situation and ensured that all relevant stakeholders were engaged. Through his hard work, the accommodation building was reopened in just four days instead of the anticipated month. Sgt Tremblay’s action ensured that Camp Canada regain its ability to support operations and CONPLANs.