Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 2014 - How to house 3500 soldiers / Cantonnement aménagé pour quelque 3500 soldats

3500 Soldier Camp / Cantonnement aménagé pour quelque 3500 soldats Ex MAPLE RESOLVE 2014
Publication Date 
27 May 2014

By Corporal Tina Gillies, Base Imagery Wainwright

WAINWRIGHT, ALTA — One of the largest’s camps ever has been built to house over 3500 soldiers for Exercise MAPLE RESOLVE 2014 (Ex MR 14). The camp consists of over 300 tents comprised of four sections of modular canvas and has been erected with heat and electricity. The 1 Engineer Support Unit (1 ESU) working with Canadian Forces Joint Operation Support Group (CFJOSG) from Kingston was requested by Canadian Maneuver Training Centre (CMTC) to design and develop the camp facilities for Ex MR 14.

This is the first time 1 ESU has been involved to this extent with the camp development for Ex MAPLE RESOLVE. The design incorporates electrical generation, distribution, plumbing, minor construction, heating and heavy equipment works. The advance party was comprised of an engineer logistics detachment, a representative of the design team, and a drafting and surveying team, who arrived early to layout the campsite. The engineer surge arrived April 21st and left May 9th, 2014.

“A lot of work went into the design, from the reconnaissance in February until we arrived in April,” said Second Lieutenant Anthony Everitt, the Operation Officer from 11 Engineer Squadron. “The difference this year has shifted to keep all personnel together with the need for increased capacity. Previous iterations of Maple Resolve only housed up to 2000 personnel. This design can now accommodate up to 3500 soldiers in modular tents, with room for an additional 800 personnel when P-12 [Peregrine West 12 the overflow site to the main camp] is occupied.”

The 11 Engineer Squadron’s normal task is to deploy Specialist Engineer Teams (SET) into theater to conduct project management, minor construction and specialized engineering advice. To carry out the task, we were reinforced by soldiers, sailors, airmen and fire fighters from 1 CER, 2 CER, RHFC,
RCD, 2 RCHA, 1 RCR, RCR 2, 3 RCR, 4 ESR, SST Kingston and GS 4 Cdn Div.