Atlantic Region Beaver Cup 2019

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Event Date(s) 
Monday, March 25, 2019

Team Entrance Fee: TBD (estimated $500)

Register NLT 22 Feb 19


Sgt Robert Kilbride
(506) 422-2000 Ext 7501 or CSN 432-7501
e-mail :


MCpl Adam Coy
(506) 422-2000 Ext 3256 or CSN 432-3256
  • Please ensure that MCpl Coy is in the distribution chain of all correspondence regarding the tournament;
  • Registration fee will cover ice, refs, T-shirts, Meet-n-Greet, and miscellaneous costs. 
  • Cost of travel, food, TD, and accommodations are up to individual units;
  • Payment Method: Will be paid to tournament staff by CASH at initial meeting to be held TBD.
  • Accommodations at 5 CDSG Gagetown are available upon request.  Intentions on using accommodations must be advised as soon as possible;
  • Rosters must be composed of  military engineers, DND employees and/or retired military engineers; DCC is permitted to play and members from units affiliated with the engineers; 
  • Co-ed tournament, not mandatory to have a mixed team;
  • 16 players per team max, inc. goalie(s); 
  • Players will require full gear including full face mask, CSA approved neck guards and helmets;
  • Joining instructions and schedule to follow;
  • Meet and Greet/Captains meeting will be held 25 Mar 19 at 1900hrs at Griffin’s Pub; and
  • If interested, but you do not have enough for your own team please send your name in by 22 Feb 19 and if there is room on another team we will try to accommodate
Contact Details 
Sgt Robert Killbride
(506) 422-2000 Ext 7501 or CSN 432-7501
Gagetown, NB