WO Edward Storey, CD

    • WO Edward Storey, CD

    Ed Storey was born April, 1960 in Pembroke, Ontario.

    WO Storey joined the Primary Reserves – Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment on 9 May, 1978 and did his basic training at CFB Petawawa.

    While studying to become an Architectural Technologist at Algonquin College in Ottawa he transferred to the Governor General’s Foot Guards.

    As a Reserve Infantryman, then Cpl Storey was trained as a Rifleman, Machine Gunner and Infantry Communicator.

    In 1980 Cpl Storey accepted summer employment with MCE Reproduction Division (now MCE supply) working in the Press Room and Photo Mechanical areas.

    In 1981 Cpl Storey returned to MCE for another summer Reserve employment and was sent to division sized RV81 Exercise at CFB Gagetown with MCE Field Print Section for 6 weeks. Cpl Storey was one of only 12 Reservists who participated in the Exercise.

    In October 1982, Cpl Storey transferred from the Reserves to the Regular Force to join MCE as a Map Reproduction Technician and was one of only four at that time within MCE who had transferred from the Reserves.

    From 1982 to 1989 Sgt Storey worked in the various areas of Reproduction Division and is the only member of MCE to attend every RV Exercise (81, 83, 85, 87, 89 and 92).

    In 1989 Sgt Storey shifted focus joining the newly formed Terrain Analysis Section of MCE. He completed his five-month Terrain Analysis ATAC Course in Fort Belvoir in May 1991 and was posted to 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, 1 Intelligence Company Terrain Section in June 1992. May 1993 saw Sgt Storey posted to UNPROFOR HQ, Zagreb, Croatia for 12 months (Op Cavalier). He was the first Geomatics NCM deployed on operations since the early 1970s.

    In May 1994, Sgt Storey returned to 1 Int Coy to work in the Terrain Section. He deployed In November with the Task Force HQ (Op Assurance) to Uganda in 1996 to assist Rwandan refugees.

    Sgt Storey returned to MCE, School of Military Mapping, in July 1997 and was promoted to his present rank of WO.

    WO Storey was posted back to 1 Int Coy in July 1998 and deployed on the first DART mission (Op Central) in November to Honduras to assist the survivors of Hurricane Mitch.

    WO Storey returned to MCE in May 1999 to Geo Sp Sqn and he deployed to SFOR HQ, Sarajevo, Bosnia in September returning to Geo Sp Sqn in February 2000. In May, 2000 WO Storey participated as a sentry during the vigil for the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa (Op Memoria) and in December 2000 he took a GST to Toronto for Y2K (Op Abacus). In June 2002, he took a GST to Calgary for the G8 Conference in Kananaskis (Op Grizzly).

    From January until August 2003, WO Storey was seconded to NDHQ to work with the CME Centennial planning team – CME 2003. In conjunction with the CME CWO, he helped organise the Centennial Parade at the National War Memorial and the 1 July CME displays that were held throughout Ottawa. He also worked closely with the CWM assisting in the special CME displays that were held at the museum. WO Storey edited the Centennial of Service Book and was also on the planning committee for the MCE Centennial which coincided with the Branch anniversary.

    Since 2003, WO Storey has held a number of positions within MCE from Unit Ops to Geo Sp Sqn Ops to IC CFMD and now as GI&S Sqn 6 Tp WO.

    During his tenure at MCE, WO Storey has been the assistant editor of the Military Mapper, Unit Photographer and Unit Archivist. He has also represented the Unit at several funerals of past ASE/MCE members.

    WO Storey has been married for 17 years to Loretta and they have two children, Charles (15) and Holly (12).

    WO Storey retires from MCE with 26 years service and has taken a three-year Class B Reserve WO position as the CEFCOM War Diarist.