DRMIS RP Working Group 2014

Publication Date: 
12 Jan 2015

IE FOCUS - 22 December 2014

The DRMIS Real Property Working Group (formerly known as the RAIS Working Group) met in September for the first time since the DRMIS RP system launched in October of 2012. The working group ran for four days in Ottawa, and was attended in-person by 11 base/wing property officers from across the country, 37 Ottawa-based participants and presenters, plus an additional 15-20 participants taking part remotely via conference call & desktop sharing.

The primary aim of this event was to discuss new and ongoing issues related to Real Property in DRMIS (in particular data and process standards and definitions), the next phase of IE Business Modernization (IEBM), and to provide some additional detailed training on targeted DRMIS-related topics. The event was an opportunity to receive feedback from actual day-to-day users of the system, and allowed us, in one focused session, to discuss pressing issues, and to consider new standards of terminology, processes and functionality for RP in DRMIS. Key issues and lessons learned from IEBM Phase 1 were solicited from the field to assist in the implementation of IEBM Phase 2 scheduled to start in 2015.

One part of the week was spent hearing from stakeholders at HQ, from such topics as Business Modernization, the RP Operations re-org, the Defence Learning Network, the Geospatial Warehouse, Heritage, land registry, governance policy and strategy, the portfolio strategic management framework, and the Capital Assistance Program. The second part of the week was intensive group discussions regarding topics towards the establishment of standards in DRMIS, the improved use of fields, enhanced asset classification, better DRMIS system adoption, methodologies to ensure the successful relationship between RP and finance data, the forthcoming integration of work order and equipment asset management, etc.

The Working Group was successfully able to solve several long-standing topics of discussion, establish plans for future discussions related to standards and definitions, and has enhanced two-way communication between the RP community and various key organizations at the HQ level. Perhaps most importantly, the first steps towards incorporating the needs and requirements of the RP community into the re-org towards FOC have been successfully taken, and will be prioritized by the group as the key objective in the short-term future.

The DRMIS RP Working Group was a tremendous success, and we appreciate the participation of all who took the time to contribute, either in-person or by phone. The week was capped off with an evening out with our group for dinner and a comedy show during the Canadian Comedy Awards Festival week. Thanks to everyone for a fun and productive session!