DEFENCE TEAM – Corporate Awards Ceremony – 18 June 2014

Publication Date 
24 Jun 2014

Innovation Award

The Deputy Minister/Chief of the Defence Staff Innovation Award recognizes excellence in leadership and renewal.

Operational Energy Project Team | ADM(Mat), CJOC: Suzanne Cassolato, Major Lloyd Chubbs, Jocelyn Lachapelle, Vivier Lefebvre

Nominated By: Lieutenant-Colonel Allan Hoey

The members of the Operational Energy Project Team are commended for their significant contribution to the development and implementation of an energy monitoring and reduction strategy for Operation NANOOK 12, and the Integrated Camp Energy Technologies projects. The team's commitment to these projects resulted in the introduction of new technologies that will improve performance, and reduce environmental impact and operational cost. The team members promoted energy efficient strategies, worked beyond the typical protocols required of their positions, and found creative solutions to problems encountered. Their outstanding work made it possible to complete the projects within 18 months and was pivotal to the projects' success.

The Management of Human Resources Award

Recognizes individuals and or teams who have demonstrated effective HR management and/or have contributed to the achievement of employment equity in the workplace.

Brigadier-General Sylvain Sirois | CMP

Nominated By: Brigadier-General Jean-Marc Lanthier

Brigadier-General Sylvain Sirois is commended for his steadfast and compassionate leadership and unwavering commitment to effectively implementing workforce reduction in 5 Area Support Group - a workplace that was significantly impacted in the 2nd Canadian Division.

With tireless dedication, Brigadier-General Sirois developed solid relationships with employees and their representatives, respecting the processes while maintaining the trust of all stakeholders.