DCC puts priority on delivering Nanisivik Naval Facility project

DCC at Work
DCC is contracting for and managing the construction contracts for the Nanisivik Naval Facility on Baffin Island, Nunavut. The completed naval station will be home to the Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships. // CDC gère la construction de cette installation maritime située sur l’île de Baffin, au Nunavut, et assure la passation des marchés qui s’y rattachent. Une fois terminée, cette station navale abritera les navires de patrouille extracôtiers et de l’Arctique.
Publication Date 
05 Mar 2016

Reprinted from DCC at Work FEBRUARY 2016 / VOLUME 14, ISSUE 6

Defence Construction Canada has been contracting and managing construction of the Nanisivik Naval Facility, located in Nunavut along the north shore of Baffin Island, just south of the Northwest Passage, near the community of Arctic Bay. The $56-million facility will serve as a docking and refueling station for military, civilian and Government of Canada vessels during the Northern shipping season.

Following preparation work at the site that began in 2014, ground was broken last July. DCC employees have been working on the project since 2008 pursuing compliance with the Nunavut Lands Claims Agreement, managing rigorous environmental impact studies, and working with the local community in every phase of the project. About 50 to 60 local jobs have been created that will assist with planning, construction and mandated environmental mitigation for protecting marine life.

“I feel privileged to be able to work on this project knowing that it’s going to be used by our Canadian Armed Forces to support Arctic sovereignty,” says DCC Technical Specialist Louis Lemay. “We have seen first-hand the vast array of natural resources that are up there that are worth protecting.”

DCC Team Leader Steve Poaps agrees.

“Our focus at DCC is to support defence projects, whether it’s a spectacular project like the Nanisivik Naval Facility or an environmental clean-up. I am proud to work with DND on these significant northern projects.”

It is expected that the completed naval station will be ready to support Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships in 2018.