CWO/Adjuc Yves Rochon, MMM, CD

    CWO Rochon joined the CF 25 March 1973. After completing recruit and language training at St-Jean and Borden, he carried on to his level 3 trade qualifications in Chilliwack BC to become a Plumber Gas Fitter MOC 613. On completion, he transferred to CFB Bagotville, where he worked as a plumber at the Married Quarters Service Centre and the Base buildings.

    In September 1978, he moved to CFS Moisie, Québec. At the same time, he is promoted to Master Corporal and becomes the Station plumbing and heating shop supervisor. After two years of very fine trout and salmon fishing in the Moisie River and shovelling snow during long winters, the Career Manager decided that it was now time for him to return to Bagotville. He is then on his way to Bagotville for the next four years. Once in Bagotville, he is promoted to Sergeant and takes over the plumbing and heating shop supervision.

    In November 1983, he is selected to attend Senior Leader Course in Borden. After completion in December, he is promoted to Warrant Officer. In 1984, he spends the next 6 months in Chilliwack on his 6B trade qualification.

    On return to Bagotville in June 1984, the house is already sold and all we have to do is wait for the movers to pick-up our furniture. This time, he is going south, but not very far, to end up in Valcartier. For the next three years, he is the Quebec City Detachment Production Officer, taking care of the Citadelle, armouries in Quebec City and PMQ’s in Quebec City and Sainte-Foy.

    In December 1997, he is promoted to Master Warrant Officer and with the promotion, he moves up to Valcartier to work as Chief PM Inspector. In 1988, he becomes the Contract Officer 2I/C until 1991, and for a year he is the DCC Liaison Officer.

    In June 1992, he is promoted to his present rank and moves out of Quebec, but not very far again, to NDHQ Ottawa. He worked on National level construction projects. After working for 5 years on various projects, including Naval Reserve projects such as Armouries, the Naval Reserve School and HQ in Quebec City, he then moves back to NAVRESHQ Quebec City to work for the next five years on various construction and maintenance projects for the Canadian Naval Reserve.

    In July 2002, he moves back to Valcartier to work as Valcartier CE SM and later to take over the 5 ASU CE Services CWO. CWO Rochon will take his retirement 15 August 2008 after 35 years of good and loyal services to the CF and the Military Engineers Branch.

    During his career, CWO has participated to deployments in Alert NWT in 1976, Ismalia Egypt in 1977 and finally to Bosnia in 2004. In 1995 he participated in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania High Commission renovation project. In 2008 he was appointed as Member of the Order of Military Merit (M.M.M.).

    CWO Rochon and his wife Lynn have 3 children, Stephanie, Isabelle and Pierre Joel. They will stay in the Quebec City area and CWO Rochon’s immediate projects are: play golf, travel, do a little bit of volunteer works and finally, enjoy life!