CWO/Adjuc Pierre Rivest, CD

    On July 18 2008, CWO Pierre Rivest will be retiring after 31 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Forces.

    CWO Rivest enrolled in the CF at Sorel, QC on July 5, 1977; on July 17 Pte Rivest left for St-Jean d’Iberville to complete his basic training. On September of the same year, Pte Rivest departed St-Jean D’Iberville for the R22R Battle School in Valcartier, Qc. Upon graduation, Pte Rivest was posted to 3 Bn R22R in Valcartier, Qc. In 1978, he was selected to be part of a 12 men team representing Canada at the Northern European Command Infantry Competition (NECIC) in Denmark. In April 1979, Pte Rivest served in Cyprus (UNCYP) with the 3 Bn R22R recce platoon.

    On April 1981, Pte Rivest was posted to the language school at St-Jean d’iberville, in July 1981; Pte Rivest was promoted to the rank of Corporal. On completion of language training, he was sent back to Valcartier on Job training in the WSPOL trade, In April 1982, Pte Rivest was posted to Chilliwack where he completed his WSPOL QL3, graduating his QL3 on September 1982, he was posted to CFS Lac St-Denis. In 1985, Cpl Rivest was posted with the 4 CER in Germany and two years later was transferred to the Airfield Damage Repair team. Promoted in 1988 to MCpl. MCpl Rivest was posted to CFS Mont Apica. Upon his promotion to Sgt in 1990, Sgt Rivest was posted to CFB Uplands. During his tour in Ottawa, Sgt Rivest served in Bosnia from 1992-1993(UNPROFOR) and in Haiti from February to July 1995. Promoted to the rank of WO in 1996, WO Rivest was posted to CFB Trenton with 86 ASU. In 1999, he served a three month tour in Macedonia (TF FYROM), was deployed to Montreal during the Ice Storm and to Winnipeg for the flood relief.

    On July 2000, promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer, MWO Rivest was selected to be the WFE Senior Trade Advisor at 1 Canadian Air Division in Winnipeg. In 2004, he served a 6- month tour in Camp Mirage. On January 2005, promoted to CWO, CWO Rivest was transferred to Air Force Airfield Engineering Training until 2007. In 2007 CWO Rivest volunteered to be the Career Manager for the 300 series.

    CWO Rivest is released from the CF after accepting a position in the public service as the fuel senior technologist at the DF&L section in Hull. He shall be resuming residence with his family in the Gatineau where he will enjoy kayaking and fly-fishing.

    Anecdotes, well wishes and congratulatory messages and e-mails can be sent to the Branch Chief, CWO Alain Carrière or WO Pigeon