CWO/Adjuc Phil West, CD

    CWO Phil West, CD will be retiring on 5 May 2018 after 36 plus years loyal service to the CAF (See bio attached). A unit luncheon will be held on 5 May to recognize his career. Visitors are welcome at 1130 hours at Bldg H19 on Base Gagetown. It is the Canadian Army Trials and Evaluation building. Letters of acknowledgement, anecdotes, jokes or stories may be sent to MWO Kavanagh, CG, CATEU Gagetown via email at<>

    CWO West enrolled in the Canadian Forces 23 July 1981 in Hamilton Ontario. On completion of basic training at CFB Cornwallis and QL3 Fd Engr training at Chilliwack BC was posted to 2 CER Petawawa. He was employed in numerous positions from Sect Mbr to Sect Comd within the Airborne Engineer Squadron, and completed the Basic Para, Jump Master, and Explosive Ordinance Disposal Courses, Fd Engr QL5A, and the Combat Leaders Course.

    In June 1988, as a Master Corporal, CWO West was posted to Baden-Soellingen Germany as part of the Airfield Engineer Squadron and employed as the IED section Comd providing EOD support to the base and local area. During this time trained closely with British, Dutch, American and German Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians, and completed the Fd Engr QL6A and was promoted to Sergeant.

    1991 CWO West was posted back to 2 CER Petawawa and employed as a section comd and Tp Recce Sgt. In 1992, deployed on OP DELIVERANCE to Somalia as part of the Canadian Airborne Regiment Battle Group employed as an Engr Tp Recce Sgt. On return to Canada he was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment and employed as a Sect Comd in the Engr Pl. In 1995 CWO West was posted to G3 Ops Branch at CFB Borden and was employed in Range Control as a Patroller and Booking NCO. During his time at CFB Borden he completed the Cbt Engr QL6B Crse and the Senior Leaders Course.

    1999, CWO West was promotion to the rank of WO and posted to 4 ESR Gagetown employed as a Sqn Ops NCO, Engr Fd Tp WO, and Armoured Engr Tp Comd. In 2000 CWO West deployed as the Task Force Engineer Ops WO on OP ECLIPSE in Eritrea as part of UNMEE. In 2003, he was posted to the CFSME Gagetown and employed as a Demolitions Instructor, instructing senior Engr crses, and then employed as the Sqn Ops WO. In 2005 CWO West was promoted to MWO and posted back to 4 ESR as the SSM 42 Engr Sqn. In 2007, deployed to Afghanistan with the Sqn as the SSM on OP ATHENA Roto 3 as part of 2 RCR Battle Group. On return he was then employed as the SSM 48 Admin Sqn. In 2008 CWO West returned to CFSME and was employed as the Fd Engr Trg Sqn SM.

    In 2010 CWO West completed second language trg, was promoted to his current rank in Jun 2011 and posted to CFB Wainwright Alberta as the LFDTS Command Chief Standards Organization Representative for Land Forces Western Area. In Oct 2011 CWO West was appointed RSM 1CMBG HQ and Sigs Squadron at 3 CDSB Edmonton. 2013 CWO West was appointed AJAG CWO Western Region and employed as the disciplinary advisor. In 2016 CWO West was appointed to his current position as Unit CWO at the Canadian Army Trials and Evaluations Unit at the Combat Training Centre Gagetown.

    CWO West will remain in the Atlantic area dedicate all his time to his family, fun, and retirement.