CWO/Adjuc K.B. McIntyre, CD

    • CWO/Adjuc K.B. McIntyre, CD

    After more than 35 years of service to the CAF, CWO Ken McIntyre, CD will retire on 3 August 2018. A depart with dignity luncheon will be held on 22 June 2018 (1300 hrs) at the George Dennison Armoury Warrant Officer and Sergeant’s Mess in Toronto. Congratulatory messages and anecdotes can be sent to MWO Ed Butt at

    CWO Ken McIntyre was born in Scotland but immigrated to Canada early in life, growing up in Windsor Ontario where he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in January 1983. Started his career in the infantry with the Royal Canadian Regiment and shortly after realized that Engineering was the direction he should take. As a Water, Fuel and Environment Technician. He has spent 35.5 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, currently posted to Real Properties Operations Unit Ontario as the Unit Chief Warrant Officer.

    During his 35+ year career, CWO McIntyre was deployed on many TAV’s and Tours. He completed tours in Golan Heights, Israel and then five rotations to Bosnia from 1999 -2003, as well as Afghanistan in 2008. CWO McIntyre was also posted to Germany for three years as the Technical Services Officers and Base Construction Engineering Officer which was very demanding work

    Due to CWO McIntyre’s significant contributions for his work in building esprit du corps and military history with the Unit in Germany he was given the CO CFSU (Europe) Commander's Commendation.

    CWO McIntyre spent two years as the Occupation Manager for the Construction Engineers and Fire Fighters were in his spare time he worked on developing the new CAF ACE program for the Construction Engineers which will allow NOT only the CAF members releasing from the CAF but any civilians entering the forces to have their prior learning assessed which will save the members and the Crown time and money.

    CWO McIntyre is an active member in the community and the Garrison. He’s an avid fitness nut, running and cycling over 200 km per week and he also plays golf in his spare time.