CWO/Adjuc Gilles Caouette, PMP, CD

    • CWO/Adjuc Gilles Caouette, PMP, CD

    After 35 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, CWO Gilles Caouette will retire on 17 June 2020 . An informal lunch will be scheduled once the COVID-19 restrictions for Vancouver Island allow it.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI, WO Scott Funk,


    Originally from Champneuf in Abitibi, CWO Gilles Caouette joined the Canadian Forces as an infantryman in February 1985. After completing his basic training in St-Jean and battle school in Valcartier he was transferred to 2e R22R at “La Citadelle de Québec”. In 1987, he went to Cyprus for his first overseas deployment followed by a transfer to Lahr, West Germany with the 1st Battalion. During his posting to Lahr, he deployed again, this time to the Qatar during the first Gulf war.

    With the planned closure of CFB Lahr, CWO Caouette decided that it was time for new adventures so he joined the Engineer family as an Electrogenerating Systems (EGS) Technician. After his QL 3 in Chilliwack, he was posted to CFB Uplands in 1992 where he remained until 1996. During his time in Ottawa, he deployed to CFS Alert and completed his QL 5 in Chilliwack.

    In 1996 he was transferred to 5 CER as a member of the Construction Troop. While in Valcartier, he completed two operational tours; Haiti from October 1996 to April 1997 and Bosnia from August 1999 to March 2000.

    In 2000, CWO Caouette was posted to Cold Lake as the EGS Shop Supervisor. A second tour to CFS Alert accompanied his promotion to WO in 2002. Upon his return from the tour, he is employed as the Construction Management Team 2IC.

    In 2004, CWO Caouette was transferred to CFSME in Gagetown NB. This posting was short-lived because following his promotion to MWO in 2005 he was transferred to CFB Winnipeg where he occupied the functions of supervisor of the contracts section, Director of operations and finally unit Sergeant Major.

    He deployed again, this time to Afghanistan in 2006, as part of the PRT Engineer Specialist Team (PEST) for "outside the wire" contracts management. After the tour, he was posted to 2 CAD to look after CE training. In 2008 he returned to Afghanistan as the CE Det Comd and Camp Sergeant Major at Camp Nathan Smith (PRT). Promoted to his present rank in 2009, he assumed the position of A4CE CWO at 1 CAD.

    Between 2011 and 2017, CWO Caouette served as DGAEPM Div CWO with ADM(Mat), 22 Wg North Bay (WCWO), CF RP Ops Gp (FCWO) and CMP (CE Career Manager). In July 2017, CWO Caouette was posted to beautiful Victoria BC as RP Ops Pacific RSM.

    CWO Caouette has accepted employment with the public service and he will retire from the CAF on 17 June 2020. He is married to Kimberley and they have 2 sons, Eric and Alex.