CWO/Adjuc Gilles Arcand, MMM, MSM, CD

    • CWO/Adjuc Gilles Arcand, MMM, MSM, CD

    CWO Arcand joined the Canadian Forces on May 25th, 1977 in Québec City. Upon graduation from his basic course at the Canadian Forces Recruit School, he was posted to Canadian Forces Base Borden for a six-month language course. In April 1978, he was posted to 5e Régiment du génie de combat, waiting for his MOC 041 TQ3 course in Chilliwack (BC).

    Upon graduation from his TQ3 course in December 1978, he returned to 5e Régiment du génie de combat and was employed as a sapper. During his stay at the unit, he also completed his TQ5A and TQ5B courses and took part to two major exercises: “RV 81” and “Maître Guerrier”. He was promoted to Corporal on June 6th, 1981.

    On June 6th, 1983, he was promoted to Master Corporal. He was posted on June 18th to Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake (Field Engineer Range Maintenance). From November 1984 to April 1985, he attended the MOC 041 6A course in Chilliwack. On July 17th, 1985, he was posted back to 5e Régiment du génie de combat and was promoted to Sergeant on August 1st. During this posting, he took part in numerous major exercises such as “Brave Lion” in Norway 1986, “RV 89” and “RV 92”. In August 1988, he returned to Chilliwack to complete his 6B course.

    In 1990, he was promoted to Warrant Officer and deployed as a Field Troop Warrant Officer during the Oka Crisis. Before his stay is over, he took part in two UN missions: Pakistan from November 1989 to April 1990, and Cambodia from January to November 1993.

    In 1994, he was promoted to Master Warrant Officer on August 1st and was posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Chilliwack on August 22nd. On July 1996, he returned to 5e Régiment du génie de combat as Squadron Sergeant-Major of 51e Escadron du génie de campagne. It was in this capacity that he participated in the Montreal Area Ice Storm crisis in January and February 1998. On November 1st, 1999, he was promoted to his current rank. He was posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in Gagetown on November 15th as a supervisor in the Standards Cell.

    On May 25th, 2001, CWO Arcand became the 18th Regimental Sergeant-Major of 5e Régiment du génie de combat. In June 2004, he is posted to the National Defence Headquarters as MOC Manager for Combat Engineers (043) and Geomatic Tech (142) and Support to Army Recruiting Centers at Director Land Personnel Management. He then was posted to D MIL C, Ottawa as Career Manager for MOC 043 Combat Engineer on June 15th, 2005.

    On July 7th, 2006, CWO Arcand was appointed RSM of the 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group in Valcartier. Immediately upon promotion to his senior appointment, he was appointed RSM of Joint Task Force Afghanistan and of the Canadian Contingent on March 30th, 2007 and occupied the position until May 14th, 2008.

    Following his return to Canada from Afghanistan, CWO was appointed in July 2008, Sergeant-Major of Land Forces Quebec Area and Joint Task Force (East) in Montreal. He served in Haiti on OP HESTIA during the period January – March 2010 as the Sergeant Major Joint Task Force (Haiti).

    CWO Arcand will leave The Canadian Forces in July 2010 after 33+ years of loyal and dedicated services. He will join the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires. His wife Martine and him will retire in the Quebec City area.