CWO/Adjuc D.W. Coxall, MMM, CD

    • CWO/Adjuc D.W. Coxall, MMM, CD

    After more than 36 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, CWO Dave Coxall, MMM, CD, will retire on 31 August 2021. At this time, no formal retirement function will take place. Congratulatory messages, anecdotes and best wishes can be sent to CWO J.C.L Aman at and

    Chief Warrant Officer David Coxall joined the Canadian Armed Forces in September 1984 as a Field Engineer, now referred to as a Combat Engineer.

    Throughout his career, CWO Coxall served at all Noncommissioned member (NCM) rank levels, from Sapper to CWO with both Regular and Reserve units, Combat Engineer, Field Engineer, and Engineer Support Regiments, and with postings in Chilliwack, British Columbia; Lahr, Germany; Gagetown, New Brunswick; and Edmonton, Alberta. He also served at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineers, Gagetown and at the Canadian Manoeuver Training Center, Wainwright, Alberta.

    CWO Coxall deployed to the Former Yugoslavia (UNPROFOR) with 4 Combat Engineer Regiment, as a Combat Engineer Section Commander in 1992. In 1994, he deployed to Bosnia (UNPROFOR), again as an Engineer Section Commander. In 2004/05 he deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan (Op ATHENA) as the Engineer Squadron Sergeant Major.

    In 1993, CWO Coxall was awarded a Chief of Defense Staff Commendation for his leadership following a fatal mine strike and in 2009 he was appointed as a Member to the Order of Military Merit.

    In May 2007, CWO Coxall was appointed as the Regimental Sergeant Major of 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Edmonton, Alberta. In July 2009, he was posted to National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa as the Combat Engineer Career Manager. In June 2012, he was appointed as the 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Sergeant Major in Edmonton, which was followed by a year of French language training. In July 2015, he was appointed as the 1st Canadian Division Sergeant Major in Kingston, Ontario. On 1 September 2017, CWO Coxall was honored to be appointed as the first Command Sergeant Major of the newly formed NATO Headquarters Multinational Brigade SouthEast, located in Craiova, Romania.

    CWO Coxall has been married for over 33 years to Melanie, his truly supportive and dedicated partner and military spouse. They are extremely proud of their two sons: Justin, a cloud network engineer living and working in the UK with his partner, Samantha; and Matthew, a Sgt serving as the Chief Cook for 1 CMBG HQ and Sigs Sqn living and working in Edmonton with his fiancée, Hailey. They are expecting their first grandchild in late July 2021.  

    After more than 36 years in the CAF and the Engineer family, Dave and Melanie are returning to Kingston to sort out their affairs after four years of OUTCAN. The next step will be a move to the UK where they plan to enjoy the English countryside while traveling on a narrow boat.