CWO/Adjuc Archie Demeria, CD

    • CWO/Adjuc Archie Demeria, CD

    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1953. CWO Demeria joined the CF in 1970 attending basic training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia.,

    Started his basic Infantry TQ3 in Petawawa ON, with the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR). During the 1970 October Crisis he did tours in Ottawa and Montreal. On completion of his TQ3, he stayed with the 3rd Battalion RCR. After completing a jump course in 1973, was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Edmonton, with 2 CDO, 4 June 1973. Here he did his first overseas tour to Cyprus, during the war in 1974. In 1976 he married Lorna Furge and was posted to 3 Mech CDO in Baden-Soellingen West Germany. In 1978 was posted back to Canada to 2 CER to prepare for the TQ3 Structural Technicians course.

    1979 he completed the TQ3 Str. Tech. course in Chilliwack BC and was posted to 2 RCHA in Petawawa. 1980 on posting to Wainwright Alberta he completed his OJT 4s, and TQ5 in Chilliwack, BC and another tour to Cyprus, Nov 1981 to May 1982. In 1983, was posted to Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM). Was promoted to MCpl (1984) and completed the Navy's Ships Divers course. In 1986 he was promoted to Sgt and posted in 1987 to 2 CER in Petawawa as the Regimental Carpenter. Posted to CE Petawawa in 1989 and a year later a posting to CFRC Cornwallis as a Squad NCO/Training Sgt. In 1992 was posted back to 2 CER, during this posting he did a tour to Somalia, Dec 1992 to Jun 1993. Posted to the Area Construction Troop, in CE Petawawa in 1994. He did his first tour to Bosnia, Oct 1994 to May 1995. The ACT moved to 2 CER in 1995 and did two tours to Bosnia, Jan to Jul 1996, promoted to WO in 1998 and back to Bosnia Jul 1998 to Jan 1999. Mar 1999 he completed the Senior Leaders Course and CE Superintendents QL6B Nov 2000. In 2001 he was posted to 1 Construction Engineer Unit in Moncton where he did short tours to, Eritrea close out for 1 ½ months, Alert for 1 week, Golan Heights for 1 month to check their bunkers, to Bosnia, Tomislavgrad to dismantle the camp and to Moscow, Russia for 1 month for a feasibility study for a new Canadian Embassy. Promoted to MWO in 2003 was posted to London ON and did his first tour to Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug 2003 to Feb 2004. In Oct 2005 he was posted to CE Gagetown where he did his second tour to Afghanistan in Khandahar, Jan to Aug 2007. On the first of July 2008 he was promoted to Chief Warrant Officer and posted to ASU Edmonton, Engineer Services Company as the ESC Sergeant Major. 7 July 2010 was posted back to Gagetown to the Engineer Branch as the Engineer Branch CWO. Last work day will be 23 March 2013.

    Lorna his wife of 34 plus years is patiently waiting for him to retire and join her at home in Currie Siding, New Brunswick. He has three children, a daughter and two sons.